Exploring unusual career options to excite your soul


In this ever-competitive, fast-paced world, every individual is struggling to become the survival of the fittest and striving to achieve surreal goals set by our society. However, very few people have the guts to follow their hearts and choose their interests as their career path. Deciding to do what you love as your livelihood is a great thing for your soul as you can enjoy every moment of it and better evolve personally and professionally. Each of us has a secret unconventional career path our souls wish to take professionally. We know that it will significantly impact our lives and break the mold of society’s typical career trajectory.

The year 2020 has taught us that life is short and unpredictable; therefore, we should follow our dream and passion that moves you and fuels your life, irrespective of the world’s sham standards. Career is losing its relevance in the current scenario as more people are inclined to find the real purpose of their soul in this world. Therefore, we have compiled a list of unique career options that can feed your soul.

Airplane repo specialist

Not many people consider an Airplane Repo Specialist as their profession; however, it is a very thrilling and rewarding career option for those who like to fly. Airplane Repo Specialist identify the location of the aircraft and recover it as they monitor its movements throughout. They work with engineers and mechanics, exclusively for the personal or corporate jets that go missing by any chance to achieve their safe retrieval. You would be required to earn a commercial pilot’s credentials to become a successful Airplane Repo person and earn approximately $10,000 to $90,000 per plane.

Museum prefessional

The world is flooding with a plethora of engineers, doctors, and business people. It now needs us to navigate some distinct and exciting career paths. If you are inclined towards an exceptional profession, you may opt for museum career paths such as a Curator or an Archivist that are exciting and well-compensated. Curators maintain the museum and its collection according to the theme they wish to portray. They sell, acquire, store, and display various artifacts and specimens accordingly. The archivists are responsible for the museum’s data collection, including the documents, files, and objects through organizational tools. However, earning a degree in history is a prerequisite for those who plan to enter this area. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Museum professionals earn an average annual salary of $48,400 and predict this field to grow 9% by 2028 with the addition of 3,300 new jobs. Those interested in history, artifacts, and archeology may be thrilled to pursue this career path.

Food scientists

If you are a foodie, love to have some creativity and fun with food, then a Food Scientist is the ideal career for you. Food Scientists work hard to make your meal safe from germs, bacteria, or other foreign, harmful elements. They conduct researches, experiments, and clinical trials to generate ideal food-processing techniques and packaging solutions. To begin with, you need a degree in food science, chemistry, or microbiology. Food Scientists help companies bring nutritious yet tasty food in the market. They work in several settings like food manufacturers, laboratories, universities, and government agencies. According to Payscale, a Food Scientist earns an average of $64,152 annually.

Tour guide

Tour guides educate the visitors worldwide, from museums to monuments, parks to sacred religious places. Guides impart their knowledge regarding areas, objects, historical periods, and others. They possess good communication skills and a sea of experience to learn about the place better. Moreover, they guide tourists about the most reliable hotel, transport, entertainment activity, and exhibitions so they can learn about the site well and are not misguided. An average tour guide earns at around $11.32 per hour in the United States.

Hippo therapists

It is a very unfamiliar profession for many. It is also known as the therapeutic riding instructors or equine therapists; however, this is an exciting career path for those who love riding horses. Hippotherapists provide a form of therapy through the horse’s movements and the patient’s capability to deal with it. They work with other medical professionals to provide life-skills training, rehabilitation, and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by improving their stamina, focus, and balance. They work whole-heartedly to help the patient achieve their goals; personal as well as professional. However, to become a hippotherapists, you may need to have a degree in Social Sciences for comprehensive knowledge related to psychology, counseling, sociology, and social work that they need to apply in the therapy. Earning credentials from the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH INTL.) will also help you grow in the field and make an average of $79,530 per year, according to SimplyHired.

Head Hunter

Head hunters are typically hired by organizations to recruit employees for particular positions that are not advertised. It is an efficient way to find the best fit for an organization since Head Hunters specialize and have ample experience in this aspect. They understand the organization’s needs and comprehend its ideology and work environment to find the most suitable candidate. With their strong professional network, understanding of the industry’s loopholes, and excellent grasp of the market, Headhunters align ideal candidates for their organizations. If you are intuitive, have good public relations, and possess critical thinking, you are the perfect match for this career. However, you need to earn a degree in human resources to have a competitive edge over others in this field. According to Glassdoor, Head Hunters can make average of $47,677 per year that is expected to reach up to $137,000.

As Robert Frost states and rightly so, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Choosing an unconventional and exciting career path that can move your soul is a somewhat brave step to take in this judgmental and competitive society. However, this would be one of the best decisions you would have ever taken since it will feed your soul, augment your life, enhance your vision, help you evolve, and love your profession, unlike others.

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