Eyelash Extensions 101 for Beginners


Fuller-looking eyelashes can do wonders in making a woman look younger and more fashionable. This is why more and more women these days are making use of eyelash extensions.  These eyelash extensions no longer warrant the use of a mascara. Most women also like it because they don’t have to apply full make-up once they have these eyelash extensions. Their face will always look like they’re done with their make-up routine.

But, are eyelash extensions the same with fake eyelashes?

Certainly not. Fake eyelashes can only be worn temporarily. In fact, they are only good for one day. These fake eyelashes can easily be applied at home. You only have to use glue to attach it to your real eyelashes. On the contrary, eyelash extensions are made from mink or silk. It can also be made from any other synthetic material. Instead of attaching it all at once to your real eyelashes, these extensions must be put one by one. Everything has to be attached precisely. This is why you need to have an expert to attach these to your real eyelashes.

Can you attach eyelash extensions all by yourself?

Well, that may probably do. But, it is going to be too risky. Since you will be attaching it one by one, you need to possess certain skills that ensure precision. Just imagine yourself dipping on a glue and attaching each eyelash using your tweezers with eyes wide open. Just one false move and you’re sure to suffer painful consequences. If you really want to DIY it, it is best to opt for fake eyelashes. And, your eyes will definitely thank you for it.

From what materials are these eyelash extensions made of?

Mink. These mink eyelashes would definitely give it a very natural look. It’s so natural that some people would even mistake your eyelash extensions to be real. Mink is a very light material so you don’t have to worry about added pressure on your eyes.

Silk. One of the advantages of silk eyelash extensions is the fact that they only require very little maintenance. Contrary to wearing mink eyelashes, silk no longer requires constant brushing and curling. If you want a flawless professionally done eyelash extensions opt for silk. These silk eyelashes are best for women who are always on the go and don’t have enough time for curling and brushing their eyelashes.

Synthetic. If you want eyelashes that have a more uniformed, perfect looking eyelashes, opt for the synthetic ones. Women who want to exude a glamorous and bold look should opt for this type of eyelash extensions.

Can I choose the right fullness and length?

When buying eyelash extensions, don’t just pick whatever you like. This means that you would have to select the one that matches the length of your real eyelashes. It is also important to first consider the fullness of an eyelash extension before you choose the length.  If you are looking for eyelashes, do check  Paris Lash Academy.

But, here’s the catch. If you prefer long eyelashes they would feel heavy after a period of time.



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