Fender Flare Size Guide: How To Choose the Right Size for Your Jeep

Jeep fender flares are very popular modifications for the brand’s most famous model, the Wrangler. They look great and have some functional benefits for off-road builds. However, if you have never installed fender flares before, you may be unsure where to start. Even figuring out which size of fender flare to buy can be confusing at first.

What Are Fender Flares?

As you may already know, fenders are the body parts that fit over your wheels. Due to the angled shape of the front of a Wrangler and the relatively wide wheels, the fenders also feature flares. These are parts that protrude from the body of the vehicle to help offer additional coverage of the wheels. In the rear, stock fender flares are a little over an inch wide and in the front, they are several inches wide.

However, if you want larger, off-road tires on your Jeep, they may stick out from the stock fender flares. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from the road or trail from kicking up. In some jurisdictions, it is legally required to have a fender (or flare) that completely covers the tires.

In addition to providing extra coverage, fender flares look good. Plus, if you order aftermarket flares, you have the option to change up the style to suit your Jeep build.

Finding the Right Size

The most important considerations when selecting a flare size is the width of your Jeep wheels and tires. If you need extra space to accommodate your wheels, install them first and simply measure the gap between the edge of the flare and the tire. Alternatively, you can find a lot of information on product pages and Jeep forums about the size of fender flare required for specific tires.

Additionally, make sure that you check the legal requirements for your area. Unless your Jeep is intended for off-road use only (no license plate or registration), you will need to comply with the relevant laws. This may limit the types and sizes of flares that you can install. It may also require a minimum size based on your tires.

The length of flares is a little simpler and is generally standardized. If you are installing wide wheels, make sure you have plenty of coverage behind the wheels in the front. Otherwise, your passengers may get muddy.

Choosing Your Style

Once you have worked out the right size, you can select a style. There are OEM-lookalike fender flares that are simply wider than the normal. Alternatively, you may opt for a cool off-road style. Flat flares are very popular off-road. Tube flares are another popular option. Typically, it is best to have flares with a little bit of flexibility, especially if you plan to hit the trails.

Get Started Today

With the right fender flares, a Jeep winch and a few other accessories, you will be ready for the trails. Shopping for the right parts for your Jeep can be a lot of fun. It is even better when your build comes together and looks amazing. So, get started today and create your ultimate Jeep.