Florida’s Pride: Daytona International Speedway

If you’re a person who knows a thing or two about car racing, you’ll know that they had an extremely humble beginning. From people gathering around in Ormond Beach in Florida just to race against each other all the way to when the mother of all race tracks, Daytona International Speedway opened up.

Opening up a race track where people can participate in automobile races (legally) drove the people in Florida and all over USA crazy to both participate and to watch what Florida’s Daytona Speedway had to offer in terms of competitions and entertainment. People started rushing over for a chance to watch the first ever NASCAR race in history.

Daytona 500

The race that every racer wants to be a part of, the race that every racer dreams to win, the most significant race in NASCAR itself- the Daytona 500. Getting a record of more than 18 million views on the race at one point, the Speedway is definitely one of the most prized possessions of the state of Florida, as it unites all the competitors dreaming of winning a race and all the people who want to see some tires squeal as they rip across the race track.

$400 Million Dollar Renovation

The year 2016 marked a very important time in the Daytona International Speedway’s history as it completely changed the experience of visiting the race track to view your favorite races. They decided to focus most on the experience you have within the new grounds of the Daytona track. You can now spend your time there with NASCAR, with motorsports racing, watching E-Sports competitions, exploring the history of racing in museums, or even go karting with the World Karting Association competition. The possibilities that are there for you to do once you step into the Daytona tracks are way more than they’ve ever been.

From its starting days in 1959, the Daytona tracks have been the home to one of the most prestigious races there are in automobile racing history. From fighting against the odds to make the race track we know of now, the struggles endured throughout that journey really make the tracks a sight to see whenever in Florida.

Racing Adrenaline

Your heart’s beating fast, you on the edge of your seat watching what’s happening, everything goes quiet right before the finish line…and vroom! One of the racers has crossed the finish line and the crowd roars in excitement. Witnessing new records being made, fancy car showcases, the scary but satisfying speed of the race is all a part of the experience you get when you go to the Daytona tracks or when you watch the races from the comfort of one of the many new indoor facilities that give you the coziness of good service and air-conditioning and the experience of the thrill of the race at the same time.

All about Daytona

Visiting the Daytona tracks makes for an all-round great experience for any family looking to have a good time or to any racing enthusiast who wants to watch the races that take place and learn about the history of racing in the museum there. You’re able to take part in a lot of different things throughout the Daytona experience so no matter who you are, you’ll find something to do in Florida’s prized race tracks.