From Music to Casino Games: How Downloads Have Reshaped the Entertainment Industry

When it launched in 2001, Apple’s music download store iTunes completely changed the way that we access music. In 2017, the United States alone was responsible for the download of 553.5 million digital music singles. At one point, this statistic stood at more than 1.3 billion. In fact, so many people download music and use iTunes that it resulted in a major controversy when Apple downloaded the Songs of Innocence album by rock legends U2 onto people’s iPhones in 2014.

But it’s not just the music industry. The entire face of entertainment as we know it has changed thanks to the rise of downloads…all spurred by iTunes and people’s desire to access music in a way that works for them.

What Have Downloads Done to the Online Casino and Games Industry?

The key reason why downloading media is so popular comes down to accessibility and with video games, that’s no different. In the world of online casino games, providers allow players to download software such as mobile apps so that they can access these games on the go. These apps include hundreds of games including slots with all kinds of themes, with high-quality graphics and audio so that the casino games you experience in a browser are no different when downloaded.

This is a similar case with traditional games. Previously, if you wanted to play a blockbuster video game as soon as it’s released, you would have to queue up outside a store in the middle of the night before travelling back home to play. But with downloads, not only can you play it on midnight of the game’s launch day but you can even ‘preload’ the game, downloading it and gaining access as soon as 12 am strikes.

Movies Make Millions from Downloads

Hollywood has also been transformed by the ability to download films. Going to the movie theatre is hugely expensive and the average price continues to climb. Blu-rays and DVDs don’t come cheap either. All of these options are also inconvenient if you suddenly feel like watching a film.

But what if you could download a film? You’ll have to wait just seconds until you get to see the opening credits roll. Unlike with the movie theatre, you don’t have to sneak popcorn in your jacket just to enjoy some in-movie snacks. With streaming sites like Netflix also allowing users to download content, it means people can watch films without requiring an internet connection, too .

Ultimately, what this means for the entertainment industries is that more people will begin to engage and interact with media. No longer faced with having to wait in the cold or spend exorbitant amounts of money, more people will no longer have to second-guess accessing media that they are otherwise interested in.