Get the Most Out of Your Team With Task and Time Management Software


Teamwork matters. We create teams to get things done to make things happen to win! Sure, we love watching lovable losers in movies like The Bad News Bears, but when it is our turn at bat, we want to hit a homerun, not only for ourselves but for our teammates.

In baseball, all the rules are spelled out. The direction is straight. There is no question about how or when something should be done. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case in business. The business game is all about learning as you go, and proper guidance makes all the difference.

The good news is that time and task management software guide you. It can help managers, special project groups and even newly created departments learn the rules so everyone can win. Here is how:


Many managers agree that prioritizing tasks is important but never get around to making it happen. After all, they are busy and figure they will get to it eventually.

Believe it or not, however, prioritizing tasks can actually help you build a team. It reduces stress and creates confidence. A team that knows what matters and sees themselves making it happen act with more purpose.

Additionally, when expectations are clear from the start, team members know how to best communicate with one another. This can make team cooperation more seamless, efficient and effective.

This is where task and time management truly shine.

Some of the more notable prioritization software features are based on RICE scoring:

  • Reach – This is a metric that lets you know how many customers are reacting positively.
  • Impact – Level measurement of this type can anticipate customer reactions to potential changes.
  • Confidence – The validity of both impact and reach assessments are rechecked here.
  • Effort – The amount of labor needed can affect how and when a task should be handled.

Task Planning

In baseball, you must throw, hit, catch and run. When planning a task, you need to deconstruct and check resources, sequence and collaborate. Some planning tools are essentially dedicated project folders that allow team members to post and share input. Others may be templates that inform automated workflows.

Whatever the case, the best software presents tasks in such a way that team members can reduce even the most daunting task into its smaller components. As a result, the act of planning itself becomes so much more manageable.

Task Completion and Time

In baseball, everyone knows their position, and a game is just 9 innings long. Similarly, when assigning a task to a team, every member should know their role, a deadline should be agreed upon and everyone should know to go about completing the project.

Fortunately, most task and time management software programs allow team members to check off tasks as they are completed. This allows the group to see the task progress. Some tasks may even be completed more than once. In this case, the software may remember that task for future use, should the steps taken come in handy for a future project.

Task and Time Management Software: Worth the Investment

Business may not be a game, but it still requires quite a bit of strategy if you want to see success. Choosing a good software system is like choosing a good bat: It can’t do the job for you, but it sure can help you team.

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