Hiring House Painters & Bathtub Refinishers vs. Doing It Yourself


Painting is an excellent way to beautify your home on the inside and increase the curb appeal on the outside. Likewise, tub and tile reglazing can bring new life to your bathroom. If done properly, your house will look stunning. However, when it comes to painting your home, you’ve probably struggled with the choice to do it yourself or hire a professional house painter.

Taking on the massive project of painting your house yourself has its pros and cons, just as hiring a professional house painter to handle the task. To help you make up your mind, you should consider the factors listed below.

Saving Time

If you need the paint job done quickly or just don’t have much room on your own personal calendar to get it done, the job should probably be left to a painting company. With so many demands to everyday life, it can be hard to squeeze in any type of home improvement project, especially a time-consuming one like painting. When this happens, you might be unable to finish the painting project within the specified deadline.

But a professional painter will help you get the job done as soon as possible and they’ll be efficient at getting it done quickly as well. The cost of your time is likely worth far more than you’d pay a painter or refinisher. By entrusting the painting or refinishing job to them, you’ll have time to focus on other essential matters in your life, family, work, or business.

Costs of Proper Tools

Properly painting your house requires having the right tools which include tape, paint tray, varying sizes of brushes, paint roller & refiller, ladder, painter sheets and related items. For refinishing work, it gets even more advanced – industrial grade ventilation masks, commercial sprayers and high end coatings that are typically only sold to contractors and, all in, cost thousands to purchase. These tools and products can sometimes be quite expensive to acquire, so consider that in your decision. Since you may not need the tools for many years to come, purchasing painting tools and equipment may not be practical.

Hiring a painter can be expensive too. But since you don’t have to invest in any tools and they usually can get you a discount on the paint itself, you save quite a bit of money as well. When it comes to your tub, tile, sink, shower or even countertop, the cost of procuring the industrial equipment needed to do the job correctly isn’t worth it; you’re better off hiring a professional, like this bathtub refinishing Jacksonville FL company.

Amount of Prep-Work

Before you start painting your house, it is important to examine your house for potential problems. Check for wood rot, mildew and more to be able to make repairs before you start painting. If you identify any problem and you are familiar with the solutions, you may carry on.

However, if you do not know the solution to the structural defect, it is best to hire a professional painter because they are accustomed at either fixing these issues themselves (if they are also a general contractor) or referring you to a handyman that can help. Doing it yourself when you might not have the expertise could aggravate the problem further. Experienced painters usually know the solutions to these issues and, at the very minimum, can be a second set of eyes to inform you that problems exist when they come across them during service delivery. This could go a long way to helping you avoid bigger issues down the road.

The same is true when it comes to bathroom restoration. Working with professionals specializing in tub and tile reglazing is preferred to ensure all prep work is done before the refinishing project.

For example, the reglazing experts follow a step-by-step procedure to achieve successful results. They’ll come to your home to assess the actual condition of your bathroom and perform a deep cleaning in preparation for the reglazing process. It involves careful spraying of a thin, opaque, gleaming coat of enamel to the bathtub or tiles to ensure a beautiful finish.

Adequate Knowledge about the Type of Paint to Use

There are various types of paint products out there that are all intended for different uses, like baths and kitchens, walls, ceilings, priming, exterior. As a homeowner with little or no painting experience, you are unlikely to know the right paint to apply. If you don’t know the proper paint to go for, it is best to hire a professional painter. They will examine the walls of your house to be able to select the right paint to use in your house. On top of that, they likely can get you a pretty big discount on the paint products too because they will typically get contractor pricing at the local paint supply store.

And for bathroom fixture restoration, you’ll need commercial grade coating products that aren’t even available in stores; this is not the same as those tub & tile kits you see. This is the stuff that really makes the reglazing last.

Moreover, even if reglazing can be done using a DIY approach, hiring professionals can be a better option to achieve a professional finish. They have experience, expertise, and skills that guarantee a safer job and better outcome.

For instance, the reglazing products might cause eye irritation, drowsiness, and nausea. Hence, you need professionals who can expertly handle the job to ensure all safety considerations are implemented properly.

Saving Money

There’s no question that doing it yourself is going to be easier on your wallet – assuming you don’t have to fix your own shoddy work and assuming you don’t cover up with paint more serious house issues that will come to haunt you later on.

If you’re on a tight budget, yes, doing all the painting yourself is probably the way to go. You’ll still have the cost of paint and tools, but you’ll save on labor.

But you won’t save on time and you might not get as polished of a result as a professional can give you, so keep this in mind too.

By hiring reliable house painters, you can also get the most out of what you pay because the job is accomplished correctly from the start. In short, you don’t need to worry about any back jobs since you can expect quality work from professional house painters and refinishers.

Fantastic and Lasting Results

Finally, no one gets the job done better than a professional. Your painting skills might be pretty decent, but a professional painter is expertly trained and does this work day in and day out, so they have a lot more experience at getting the paint job done right than the typical homeowner.

One of the perks of hiring a professional is the topnotch painting services you can expect. If you are not sure of giving your home a smooth and even paint job by yourself, you should go for a professional. These painting professionals have the required expertise and experience to offer you the very best of painting services that will make your house look amazing for many years to come.


Painting a house is an excellent decision that can improve the quality and value of the home. For residents and homeowners that know about paint selection or know the prep work to do, and will like to get the job done quickly, painting the house using DIY techniques may be the suitable option. You can also save money if you can borrow the painting tools. However, if you want the best job done and eliminate overwhelming experience that comes with house painting, hiring a professional painter may be the right thing to do.


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