Greener Alternatives to Staying Warm This Winter


It is no news that the body should not constantly be exposed to cold as it could result in cold-related diseases that could be incurable or cost a lot to treat. Some of the diseases one needs to guard against during winter are; common cold, influenza, commonly known as flu, sore throat, asthma, Norovirus, painful joints, heart attack, pink eye, dry skin, migraine, bronchitis, the list seems endless.

People who look healthy during summer, winter, spring, and fall are not safe from the diseases that accompany the winter as most of these ailments are communicable. A little sneeze from the carrier can transfer the same to the neighbor.

The advent of wood-burning stoves means you and I no longer have to expose ourselves and families to cold-related diseases and infections anymore thanks to technology. to shield yourself and your family from the diseases and also keep warm and comfy. We are currently neck-deep into the icy and chilly winter; here are tips for your safety;

Adopt various kinds of heating systems

For effectiveness, you might want to use more than one heating system around the house. Some of these heating methods include; the Biomass boilers, solar heating system, radiant underfloor heating and even the use of wood-burning stove can help you in staying warm this winter. The interesting part is that all these systems are ecosystem friendly and you are in no way causing harm to any living organisms.

Free your sidewalk of ice

The winter period is renowned for its association with chilly, mostly ice, which has been found to cause fatal accidents and serious damages to the health of individuals. As a substitute for using a sidewalk de-icer, you might want to use some manual or traditional ways. This is because as opposed to the poisonous toxins that might be released during the use of a de-icer, the use of some organic products like potato juice, beet wastewater, pickle juice amongst others is safe, healthy and reliable.

Maximize breeze and sunny days

Some certain periods of the day are usually bright and sunny during winter. The same way you shut the windows and other openings in your home to heat during summer is how you should open up your home to the warmth that comes with the brightness. You need all the warmth you can get during winter. So, you should know when to open and close the windows during winter as you would not want to open your home up to the windy and chilly ice.

Rug decoration will come in handy

This is still a way to store all the warmth around you as much as you can, you should use rug decoration rather than carpet. Most rugs are made of wool and cotton, which are effective warm clothing materials. So, decorating your home with rugs during the winter will do you a whole world of good. If you cannot decorate the whole house with rugs, let it span the larger part of the house.

Wearing more layers

This is mostly useful while indoors. To save up heat for when the cold will be intense and as well as reduce the cost of bills for heat, you can cover yourself with layers of clothing. This might be when you are snug up with your loved ones or preparing for a sweet night’s rest. Arm yourself with different piles of warmth and comfy wear with thickened blanket or duvet. This is the old traditional way, but trust me, it still does the trick.

Rein in humidity

One sure way to keep warm is to trap in humid air, which is warmer than the cold dry winter air. The trick is to cook more often around the house as that will keep the kitchen and surrounding rooms warm. You might also want to use the microwave more often to cook slowly. Doing this helps keep humid air trapped in the house and consequently keeps you warm.

Seal up sneaky openings

There might be some hidden openings around the house you might want to look out for in the quest to keep the family warm and free of winter ailments. Get small cracks and openings around the wall sealed, check electrical gadgets like ceiling fans if they would not let it cold icy air.

Use public transportation as much as you can

It is known by all and sundry that a foreign body heat helps in keeping one warm as it traps heat in the body. Going outdoors is inevitable during winter, so you should travel in public transport to leverage on the body heat of others to keep warm during the day.

I hope this article has provided you the much-needed information on better alternatives to staying warm during this winter if you ever need more information, maybe which of the brands of wood-burning stoves you should buy, a little Google work may be all you need. I hope you enjoy wealthy health during the winter.

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