Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair


Men with thin hair may be under the impression that there aren’t many options for them when it comes to styling their hair, but that’s simply not true. We can acknowledge that fine hair may not be easily manageable when it comes to styling, and may even have a mind of its own most of the time; however, once you know of the best tips and tricks, it won’t be problematic in the slightest.

While some would presume that hair plays a big role in women’s self-esteem, it does so with men too. So, selecting the right hairstyle. with the help of some tools from, for you would not only allow you to look your best, but it would also make you extremely confident.

So, let’s unlock the fashionable, suave hairstyles that would suit each man; thin hair cannot hold you back anymore!

The Buzz Cut

You can create the illusion that your thin hair is thick by simply cutting it short. Long hair will make fine hair appear thinner, whereas a short hair cut will hide any sparse strands. We recommend the buzz cut to enhance your style. This is where you shave all over your head and adopt this Jason Statham look. For a little extra edge, you can even complement it with a beard, as facial hair distracts the attention from your head; a beard will balance out the appearance.

The Comb-Over

Before you roll your eyes as you picture Danny Zuko from Grease, hear us out! A comb-over is still very stylish today, and should not be left for dead in the seventies. This tidy look is perfect if you want to give off the vibe that your hair is thicker than it is. All you need to do is create a side parting in your hair, and comb the sides down and the top across. For the best results, we recommend you use alternatives to gel for styling to avoid the strands becoming stuck together. Using a pomade or wax product will create the ultimate illusion of thick hair effect, while keeping the strands in place.

The Crewcut

The crew cut hairstyle is growing increasingly popular for those with fine hair, as it makes one’s hair appear thicker and longer at the top. You’ll find many celebrities sporting this look, from Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham to Anthony Joshua. This involves shaving the sides of your hair, with the top area remaining in full swing. This style is very modern and ideal for those with fine hair.


The Faux Hawk

As you do, we also prefer to leave the Mohawk in the past; however, the faux hawk undercut is a lot more modern. Fine hair can seem messy and unruly when spread out, and may appear bare or reveal bald spots, which is why you benefit from placing all strands in one area. This undercut style adds volume to your hair and draws all the attention to that thick spot. All the fine hair in areas that you may feel insecure over will not be noticeable.

Slick Back Curls

For those of you who have fine hair that is curly, this style is for you. Embrace your ruggedness with slicked back curls; grow your hair slightly longer to create room for more curls and then your hair will naturally appear fuller. Remember, your hair should not grow past your neck; otherwise, the appearance of your hair will look thinner. Apply pomade or a wax product to slick it back and, again, avoid using gel to prevent the curls from sticking together and not spacing out enough to cover up thinner areas.

Side Parting with Texture

A textured side parting can achieve the appearance of volume. This look is very modern and is a popular demand. This style is very sophisticated and casual, making it a very versatile look for numerous occasions; it supports a work-related look, as well as a hot date. If your fine hair is naturally straight, add a little texture spray to spruce it up.

If you have thin hair and think it’s a curse, think again, as thin hair is ideal for some hairstyles. You no longer have to fret if you have thin, fine hair. The mentioned styles above have got you covered — from buzz cuts, crew cuts, comb-overs, faux hawks, slicked back curls, to side partings with textures — you will now pull off the look of a full head of hair if you wish, even if it is shaved almost down to the scalp. Boost your confidence with these tips and tricks and remember to avoid the gel while styling for the ultimate manly, suave and modern hairdos.

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