How Can You Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free Effortlessly For Upcoming Events


Winters are here, and so is the festive season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are hitting the ground one after the other to spread joviality in the surroundings so that people can cherish the moments later.

You must be excited about your new clothes, the cakes and bakery products that you will munch, and of course, the presents

But, hey, are you also worried about your clothes pressing? You might not want to iron them again and again, right? Do you want to get wrinkle-free clothes without doing anything more?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Read below for more knowledge.

9 Ways To Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes

In this section, we would guide you on how to keep clothes wrinkle-resistant. 

Precautions While Using The Washer/Dryer

We use a washer and dryer to clean and dry our clothes. But, we often forget to follow the tips regarding garment cleaning given in the manual. Thereby, we suggest doing as instructed in the helping book. Other than this, you can throw ice cubes in the dryer as they do the same thing to remove wrinkles as iron does,but when they are dissolved due to heat. Also, make sure to use an appropriate amount of detergent (use good quality) for desirable results.

Overlap Garments

Minimize folding your dress pants or delicate dresses to prevent wrinkles and creases. Gingerly, place the bottom half of the pant, and cover it with some rolled undergarments to make a cushion. Then, put the other half over the pillow as it may reduce a crease in the middle. This is called the overlapping technique. 

Hang Them Up

The most effective way is to hang your cleaned and ironed clothes at once, so you can wear them without worrying about wrinkles later. Use magic outfit hangers for closets and dangle as many dresses as you want. Not only this, but you can eliminate wrinkles by hanging wearables on clothes stands right after you arrive home. 

Roll Clothing

Are you packing luggage for a trip? Don’t panic about your outfits pressing. Simply stretch the fabric, place sleeves inward, make a rectangular shape, fold in half, and roll the shirts. The same is the process for hoodies. For pants, place one leg onto the other and fold it by rolling. This trick won’t let wrinkles occur on the lovely dresses. 

Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Clothes

Either you are a traveler or anon-the-go person, it is recommended to pack less wrinkle-prone dresses ad go with the wrinkle-resistant garments.Polyester, nylon, jersey, or acrylic are considered non-iron and wash and wear fabrics that don’t absorb water as profoundly as other materials and strongly resist wrinkles. 

Use Plastic Or Dry-cleaning Bags

Wrinkles are usually caused by friction. Interestingly, plastic discards off the roughness (the friction). Therefore, many experts suggest using plastic bags to protect your attires from creasesand wrinkles. Dry-cleaning bags are also made from plastic, so you can use them to keep your clothes. Hang the bags in the closet later. 

Tissue Roll For Convenient Storage

Getting wrinkle-free clothes isn’t a hassle anymore. One of the best ways is to use tissue rolls. All you need to do is place tissue papers between two folded items before storing them in the bag or the wardrobe compartment. Tissue rolls also eliminate frictions that cause wrinkles in clothes. 

Wrinkle-Free Spray Comes In Handy In Such Cases

For people who are always in a hurry, the wrinkle-free spray is a blessing in disguise. Well, just DIY your wrinkle-free spray with available products and use it to get rid of wrinkles. Additionally, you don’t have to turn on the iron after spritzing the clothes as it does the chores independently.

 Get Help From Innovation

Inventions like traveler streamer and hairdryer help when you are on the trip. Traveler streamer feasibly removes wrinkles when a stream is passed through hanging clothes. However, a hairdryer is used to heat the dampen outfits and banishes away the wrinkles and creases. Not only this, but iron is commonly used in homes to press garments, which is another good option. 

Things To Consider In Order To Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Other essential things that you must keep in mind to get crease-resistant and wrinkle-free clothes merely in no time:

Overcrowding Closet Can Be A Reason

Piling up the wardrobe with clothes and other accessories can end up destroying your clothes pressing. Henceforth, you wouldn’t find any ready-to-wear item at the time of emergencies. Consequently, it is advised not to overcrowd your cupboard with clothes and de-clutter the mess for speedy access to garments. 

Learn When its Time To Hang Or Fold Clothes

Understand the timing with this example: Throwing away the cleaned and washed clothes on the bed is not a good idea. Because the longer the garments are placed messily, the deeper wrinkles would appear on them. To not let this happen, hang the attires or fold them out right after they are washed. This is the exact time to fold or hang wearables. 

Dampen The Fabric

Dampening the clothesis sometimes required to remove the wrinkles easily if you have no other option. Stretch the wet fabric and dry it with the help of a dryer or hang dry. The results would be astonishing. 

Don’t Leave Your Clothes In The Dryer

Leaving your garments in the dryer would welcome wrinkles and creases. How? Well, when you forget to take out the wearables, cold air brings wrinkles on them. 

Wash Clothes Stains At Highest Temperature

Remove stains and spills from your clothes instantly. Wash them at a higher temperature and get stainless and wrinkle-free articles in no time. 

Smooth Out Wrinkles On Clothes

After taking out dresses from the dryer, make sure to use your hands to smoothen the fabric. Indeed, putting them in cold air or under the sun and wiping your hands over the outfits will set the wrinkle-resistant and crease-free clothing. 

Bottom Line

From washing and cleaning your clothes to organizing them in the closet, wrinkle-free clothing is everyone’s dream. So, stick to the tricks and tips mentioned above and get wrinkle-free clothes with exquisite touch without any annoyance. 

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