How Does AdvanceSOS work?

A small financial emergency like a broken appliance or flat tire with no emergency fund in place can put your financial plans in a wrench.  If you have a financial need that cannot wait until your next paycheck, AdvanceSOS can sort you.

AdvanceSOS is a loan connection service whose objective is to help you get instant cash advances for emergencies. AdvanceSOS connects borrowers with a pool of trustworthy payday and installment loans lenders across the US.

Borrowers can receive up to $5000 fast, depending on the lender’s terms and loan type. The lenders don’t limit or determine what borrowers can do with the loan. Therefore, they can use the money to sort any emergency from car repairs, paying utility bills, and other unexpected expenses.

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How to Get Started

Step 1: Fill an Online Application Form

The online loan application process is simple and quick. You only need to fill a 10-minute application form and send a request to a network of our reputable lenders.

Step 2: Get and Compare Offers

When lenders receive your request, they will send their offers. Review and compare them and choose the ideal one that best meets your needs.

Step 3: Receive and Sign a Contract

Once you pick a lender, the lender will send a loan agreement. Read and understand it before you sign it.

If you don’t agree with it, you’re at liberty to decline it. You have no obligation to sign a contract if you don’t agree with everything in it. Getting a financial advisor to walk you through the contract terms and conditions can help you spot any inconsistencies.

Step 4: Receive the Cash in your Bank Account

After you sign the contract, the lender will send the money into your bank account the same day or one business day.

Cash Advance Online Requirements

Some of the key requirements to receive a loan through AdvanceSOS are:

  • Be a documented US resident and Citizen
  • Be above 18 years
  • Have an active saving or checking bank account
  • Proof of address- can use a utility bill
  • Evidence of stable monthly income earning at least $1,500
  • Have an active phone number and email

AdvanceSOS Services

AdvanceSOS connects borrowers with legit lenders of payday and installment loans.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are small-dollar or short-term cash advance loans. A borrower can get between $100 and $5000 payday loans depending on their local state laws. The terms of repayment for payday loans include:

  • Single due date 10 to 60 days after the loan approval.
  • Single repayment on or before the due date (normally on your next payday).

Installment Loans

Installment loans, on the other hand, are medium-term cash advance loans. Borrowers can receive from $1500 to $5,000 to sort any expense. This kind of loan can be due in up to 2 years, depending on the loan terms. The installment loan is payable in regular intervals, which can be weekly or monthly.

Why Choose AdvanceSOS

  • The advantage of a cash advance loan is that borrowers can receive it even with a poor credit rating. That’s because lenders don’t check your credit report when you send a loan request.
  • Borrowers work with reputable lenders only since AdvanceSOS has put stringent measures to filter them.
  • The borrower does not require a guarantor or collateral to receive the loan.
  • AdvanceSOS team comprises of a team of financial experts

AdvanceSOS Team of Experts

Nick Wilson

Nick Wilson is the CEO and founder of AdvanceSOS. He is a professional loan expert with years of experience in the loan industry. He works hard to see that people make prudent money decisions.

Julie Collins

Julie Collins is the AdvanceSOS business development officer. She is the product innovator and the brilliant mind behind the company’s new ideas and methods. Julie puts every effort into increasing the company’s market position and revenues.

Ajalen Holley

Ajalen is a trusted AdvanceSOS business partner. He works with the team to make the company successful.

Dikshita Mehta

Dikshita is AdvanceSOS’s head of customer support. She makes sure that customers’ welfare is taken good care of.

Jake Walker

As the head of content at AdvanceSOS, Jake Walker ensures that the company’s content meets the right standards. He pays attention to the company’s content every tiny detail.

Amanda Girard

AdvanceSOS creative writer and content creator is Amanda Girard. Her role is to craft well-researched, engaging, and up-to-date content for the company.

AdvanceSOS Address

AdvanceSOS office is in Miami, OK 812 E Central Ave, Miami, OK 74354, and the phone number is +1 (918) 544-52-99.

Bio Info

Written by Amanda Girard, a talented personal finance writer. She delights in creating great and engaging content in the personal finance field.