How Long Do Slavic Hair Extensions Last?


Hair extensions are quite expensive beauty procedures, that is why many clients ask the same question: how long do hair extensions last.

On average, the wearing term of such hairstyle is 3-4 months. In practice, it depends on several factors. Read our article to know more about them.

Slavic Hair Extensions Types

Slavic hair is a high-quality raw material that is great for clients with thin, soft or weakened natural strands.

It can be used for different techniques:


In this technique, the strands are fixed with bonds. The term of wearing such a hairstyle will depend on: the quality of the keratin used to form the bonds, the professionalism of the hair tech, as well as how well the client takes care of hair extensions.

This hairstyle will last you 3-4 months, after which you need to make a reapplication procedure.

Everything described above is also true for micro bonds.


For this method, the hair technician first makes an unnoticeable braid around the head and then sews a ready-made weft into it.

The term of wearing is from 6 to 9 weeks, after which the stylist unbraids the hair, removes the weft, makes a new braid and re-sews the weft.


This is a more rough and noticeable method of fixing strands on the principle of sandwich, where the natural locks are placed between the hair extensions.

This hairstyle can last about 6 weeks.


These are temporary extensions that you can wear for a wedding, birthday or some other important event. Usually, such hairstyles can last from 4 to 12 months depending on the quality of the hair and aftercare.

Is Slavic Hair Extensions Last Longer?

Slavic hair undergoes delicate cleaning and disinfection that does not affect its quality. This way you can be sure that you get the locks of original color and texture, soft and less prone to entangling.

How long do these hair extensions last? With proper care and timely reapplication procedures, such bundles will last you more than a year.

Other raw materials (for example, Asian hair) undergo a completely different treatment, destroying the cuticle of the hair. Such hair extensions quickly lose their attractive appearance.  In addition, products from the Asian market will not be comfortable to wear, because these locks are difficult to comb and style.

You can order original virgin Slavic hair on the I Love Slavic Hair website. This brand is a direct supplier of products for various extension techniques. Here you will find a huge selection of bundles of different lengths, textures and shades, so you are sure to find the best option for your hair!

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