How Minoxidil Aids In Hair Loss?

Hair loss has become extensively common amongst all individuals that include both men and women. There are various reasons that provoke the hair fall but there are a number of solutions available to help aid the issue. Hair plays an immense role in enhancing one’s personality and impressive outlook. A lot of hairstyling can be achieved on healthy hair else you need extra support of fake hair extensions which is certainly not as good as natural hair look. It is advisable to be precautious if you are losing hair abnormally then immediately take medical support and start the treatment before it gets too late. 

Minoxidil with generic name Rogaine has gained ignited popularity in the regrowth industry of hair. Know Why?

What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil or Rogaine is specially formulated medicine available both in pills, solution, and foam. It was initially used to cure high blood pressure in the 1960s and during the testing phase of the medicine excessive hair growth was observed as a side effect which was later capitalized by formulating minoxidil solution 2% and 5% for hair loss problems. A significant result is achieved by the continuous use of minoxidil in patients.

Who can use minoxidil?

Minoxidil was first approved by FDA in the ’80s to help treat androgenic alopecia also known as male pattern hair loss and then later in the ‘90s it got approved for female pattern hair loss. Therefore, it can be used by both men and women to treat hair fall. Minoxidil UK has an effective solution in their stock to help you start with your journey.

How does minoxidil work?

Your curiosity is valid to know how minoxidil actually works to regrow fuller and thicker hair. A lot of tests are being carried out to reach the core reasons as to how it promoted hair growth. Therefore as per study minoxidil broadens the blood vessel in the scalp which aggravates the blood flow into the hair hence making them healthy. Furthermore, a few other recent pieces of research show that minoxidil increases the supply of a certain enzyme known as ATP to hair follicle prolonging the hair anagen phase (growth phase), not only this but it also gives life to miniaturized hair follicle leading to healthier and happier new growth. 

Things to remember!

No doubt minoxidil gives promising results but the key is patience without patience and consistency any hair or skin treatment will not show happening results. Few points if taken care will help you get the best results.

  • Use minoxidil for at least 3-4 months to see enhanced hair growth.
  • Discontinuation of medication may lead to some hair loss but not as before.
  • Do not panic if you observe excessive hair loss in the beginning few weeks.  
  • Must avoid the contact of the solution to your face else hair growth will occur on the face as well. 
  • It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers as well as people with heart issues.
  • Do not use on the irritative scalp. 
  • Always start with low potency of 2% solution and then work your way up.