How to Buy the Best Vintage Wines in Australia


Australia has emerged as a haven for wine lovers because of the highly rated wineries and vineyards in the continent. With premium wine-producing regions like the Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley, and the vineyards around the River Margaret, Australia is a great spot to get your hands on some vintage wine.

Old wine is always special, not just for its rich taste and texture but the effort that goes into preserving it. If you are looking forward to buying vintage wine in Australia, here are some things you should look for. You could also check out sites like for more related information.

1. Pedigree

Yes, when it comes to vintage wine, the style or the pedigree of the wine matters. This is simply because some kinds of wines mature better than the rest. You could try varieties of the Bordeaux, prepared by many top chateaux in the country. Or, you could consider vintage Champagne, German Riesling, or a mulled Napa Valley Cabernet. Mature South Australian Shiraz or a Rioja also tastes heavenly.

Knowledge of the various kinds of grapes and the various wine valleys’ soil conditions would come in handy. It will help you choose wine according to your preference of grapes and the family or vineyard with a history of growing them.

2. Storage

Even the best of wines will turn bad if it is not stored correctly. Before you buy vintage wine, go for a cellar tour and then decide on your buyers. If you can go for wine tasting tours, then even better. Some old wines like the Sauternes or the Madeira are not considered very fashionable now.

However, those who still have the old bottled stored away entirely will be able to provide you with some of the best stuff, fantastic texture, and quality. Temperature and humidity control is the keyword. If there is a difference in storage, you will find a subtle difference in taste, too, even though the wine might be produced in the same year with the same variety of grapes.

3. Wine Reviews

Going through wine reviews and vintage charts is an excellent place to start your hunt for vintage wine. It is essential to be careful at this point because some unscrupulous dealers might present you with a dusty bottle claiming that it is pure vintage stuff when it isn’t. Always go for reputed wineries.

Family-run businesses are the best because they have some fine, rare, and vintage wine, made by their previous generations and carefully preserved. You can also look at auctions, where you may find single-owners and private dealers putting their collections on sale. The auction houses will almost always provide you with accurate information and options for Australian wine tours.

4. History of Ownership

Asking questions about who owned the wine and where it was produced will give you a chance to know more about the wine and determine its quality. There is a reason why old wine is so precious- the older it is, the more fragile it becomes, and the slightest difference in storage or temperature can make it turn sour.

True wine connoisseurs know this, and they pay special attention to how they keep their wine till they find a buyer for it. A vintage wine is genuinely delicate and, likewise, equally expensive. You should be able to trace back its owner to be sure about its quality. If you are not sure about the wine’s authenticity, you can also opt for a professional valuation.

If you manage to do your research the right way, you will come across a treasure trove of fine, rare, and vintage wine in Australia. Add it to your collection or open a bottle when you have an essential milestone to celebrate, and you are sure to consider your money well spent.

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