How to choose a baby carrier? Follow six tips and get the perfect baby carrier


The most shortcut answer of how to choose a baby carrier is to follow the search engine or various e-commerce sites. Most often, the effective suggestions we get from this way is-a good brand, good customer review about the baby carrier, and vice versa.

However, we are going to include six tips in our today’s session. All these tips solely will help you to find a perfect baby carrier for your baby. Follow all these tips and hit the best one for your little kiddos-

How to choose a baby carrier? Tips you can follow to get a perfect baby carrier for your baby:

Undoubtedly, several features and characteristics can determine a baby carrier good and fashionable for the user. However, before choosing a baby carrier, types of baby carriers are the most important things any parents should know in detail.

  • Ring Sling/Wrap: These early types of baby carriers just like a piece of lengthy &stretchy cloths. This baby carrier is perfect for carrying the newborn baby.
  • Structured baby carrier:Structured baby carrier again could be of a buckle carrier, tie-on baby carrier. This soft structural baby carrier contains some adventurous features to carry a four-month plus baby easily. This type of baby carrier is perfect for carrying a toddler or bigger baby at hiking or traveling far.

However, look at the below tips so that you can purchase the ideal baby carrier for your lovely baby

1. At first, choose the baby carrier according to your baby’s age and weight. Like, a new baby need a baby wrap or baby ring sling. Relatively larger babies need a structural baby carrier to carry inside them. You also can carry a newborn baby using a baby carrier, but you have to use a head and neck supporter with a safety insert within it. Though different baby carrier suits on your baby according to your choice and your baby’s comfort level, still you can follow the basic age related observation which I described a while ago.

2. What about your budget? Your budget could be a second thing to choose a baby carrier. Though for many parents, budget is a little thing to carry their precise baby, some parents might still need a budget-friendly baby carrier. If you have more than one baby, if you would love to change the baby carrier frequently, you can purchase a budget-friendly baby carrier. 35$ is enough to purchase a stretchy baby wrap, whereas $50 to $160 is enough to purchase a soft structural baby carrier.

3. Does it suitable for you? Whether you are a new mom or new dad, if a baby carrier gives you a severe ache at your back or shoulder, it is naturally going to be very difficult to use this carrier to carry for your baby. So you have to choose such a baby carrier that can listen to your body, adjust suitably, and finally give you a comfortable feel for a long time carrying your baby. A baby carrier with a padded waist band, thicker shoulder straps, or supportive safety extra straps can ensure, it will spread your baby’s weight equally over your body. Therefore it can reduce the chance to induce any back pain. Besides this, especially if a mom has gone through a C-section, it is better to use a baby carrier to support such mom’s lower abdomen. A post maternal supportive baby carrier is perfect for such a mom.

4. Listen to your baby; feel what your baby is trying to express inside from the carrier. A newborn baby never can express any of his/her feelings directly to their parents, so how could it possible for a mom or dad to feel what the baby is feeling inside the baby carrier? Follow your baby’s body movement and facial expressions. If your baby is feeling suffocated inside the carrier, he/she will cry, frequently will move the body extremities, etc. Try to understand, does your baby carrier can safely carry your baby or not! Does your baby is feeling comfortable inside the carrier or not! Never forget to select a baby carrier which could not give an M like sitting position to hold your four-month plus-aged baby.

5. Never take a chance to miss the safety points for your baby. Whatever you will choose for your baby, you should not consider even a 1 % chance for your baby’s safety. Even a baby wraps, or a baby ring sling also has some safety features which you might need to fit manually. However, in a structural baby carrier, certain safety accessories are very good to carry your baby if you can properly utilize them. However, your baby supposed to securely tighten inside the carrier (either in a cuddle or in arms). Once you have kept your baby inside the carrier, follow whether your baby’s facial expression is healthy or not. Does she or he can properly inhaling the natural air? Along with all these, you also have to look after either your baby carrier is weather friendly or not. If a baby carrier itself is not breathable, your baby will suffocate and feel hot inside the carrier in summer.

6. Make a list, which features you should not miss from your baby carrier. There are certain features that a mom should not miss from their baby carrier. First of all, a sun-protected hood. This hood not only helps in the summer but also in the rain as well. Besides this, a head supporter. A head supporter will support your baby when he or she falls asleep inside the carrier. Enough storage pockets on the baby carrier to carry your baby’s accessories like diapers, feeder, tissue, wiper, small toys so on. Do not forget to include two side pockets on the baby carrier. Some parents are more advance; they also like to include a waste collector with their baby carrier. A baby carrier is indeed one of the most useful things for parents. Did you know that the Arctic people use a unique baby carrier in the form of a piece of clothing? You can learn more about this in our article about The Inuit Art of Baby-Carrying Using the Amauti

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ-One: Which one is best among baby wrap and structural baby carrier?

Answer: It depends on your baby’s age and your personal preference. If your baby is a newborn, we suggest using a baby wrap. And for four months plus baby, you can go with a structural baby carrier using safety inserts inside it.

FAQ-Two: What is the starting age of a baby to carry inside a baby carrier?

Answer: Usually, you can carry your just born baby inside the baby carrier. However, it is better to carry a minimum of six to eight weeks of the baby inside the baby carrier. Before carrying a newborn baby using a carrier, it is mandatory to insert a safety insert inside the carrier.

Final Verdict

Choosing a baby carrier depends on lots of things. However, put all those things aside from you. Follow our today’s article, prefer your choice, listen to your baby’s safety and comfort feel. Finally, choose the most capable one.

That’s all about choosing a baby carrier perfectly for your baby. Don’t forget to share how our today’s session is.

Thank you.



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