How to Deal With an eBay Account Suspension?


You thought it was just Amazon, didn’t you?

Nope! You can get suspended on eBay just like you can get hit with a suspension on Amazon. The only thing that’s different is the approach to reinstating your account. Otherwise, everything else is the same. You’re annoyed, you waste your time and resources, used an ebay pricing tool, it gets on your nerves…textbook suspension outcomes!

No, don’t panic. Your first intuition shouldn’t be career suicide. That’s the easy solution! Discarding your suspended account and opening a new one! But where’s the fun in that?

The thrill of the struggle is what makes things fun. Instead of opting for the simple solution, why not try to get your suspended account back?

But how can you get out of suspension on eBay? Right off the bat, go back and read the email you got from eBay which said that you’re being suspended. They’re a bit like Amazon, in the sense that they might give you a hint of what exactly happened, but not what exactly happened.

To figure that out, you need to be resourceful. Let’s quickly go over the things that eBay can suspend you for:

  • Selling hazardous products (explosives, weapons)

  • Selling recalled products

  • Selling drugs (obviously)

  • Stealing others’ visual content (unauthorized photos)

  • Selling anything that includes any form of hate speech

  • Selling items that are not allowed on its platform

  • Violating IP rights

  • Using an expired credit card

  • Selling alcohol (just like on Amazon)

  • Failing to meet fee payments in a certain timeframe

Now, eBay has one slight advantage over Amazon when it comes to suspension. If you are temporarily suspended on its platform, the solution is fairly simple: you just have to wait. Yep, that’s all.

In more complex cases, like selling counterfeit or recalled products, all you need to do is remove those products per eBay’s instructions and you’ll get your account back. But what if you’re impatient and want to figure everything out super-fast, just to get your account back and start selling on eBay’s marketplace?

The solution begins with a simple action: calling eBay! You won’t believe how much information you can get if you just pick up that phone and give eBay a call!

“But what am I supposed to ask?”

Same thing you’d ask another eBay seller, or someone who’s good at dealing with eBay suspensions:

“Why is my eBay account suspended and how do I get it back?”

The person on the other end of the phone can help you out provided that you ask the right questions. Also, have all your information prepared before you make a call. You’ll make life easier, both for yourself and the person who is on the other side. You don’t want them to wait for five minutes while you’re looking for your case ID, right? Figured!

Now, eBay suspensions can be dealt with easily if you didn’t do something beyond excuse and simply made a mistake! But Amazon suspensions…wow! Those are the real deal-breakers! Luckily, there’s a solution for everything…even Amazon account suspensions. Our Amazon appeal suspension service, Got Suspended? is one of those solutions! So, if you had your Amazon account suspended over whatever service, just give us a call and we’ll get your reinstatement process going in no time!

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