How to Design for Sustainable Buildings and Home with Vacuum Insulated Glass


Are you tired of your old and outdated ordinary glass windows? Do you want an energy-efficient place to live in? Are you searching for an alternative for the best glass window for a sustainable building? If yes, then you need vacuum Insulated window glass for all commercial buildings and residential spaces.

Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) is a new-generation proven formula for energy-efficient system. It is one of the high-performance glass with low thermal conductivity of air that dominates gas heat transfers. Thereby, it makes VIG the most sustainable façade in this modern era.

Glass has always been acknowledged for enhancing beauty, promoting fluidity and transforming homes and commercial building into luminous spaces. However, the Window Glass that was once an elegant façade is now an energy-efficient product. Since the insulated window glass has stepped in the market, people have become more prone to the profound effect on sustainable buildings. Thereby, the clientele of VIG is increasing; leading to more efficient homes and sustainable buildings.

Do you want an American insulated glass for your home too?

Or are you still thinking whether you need a Vacuum Insulated window glass for your home or commercial building?

Why Is Insulated Glass the Right Choice?

Thermal Insulation

Insulated Glass is a combination of two or three layers of glass. These layers are spaced with primary and secondary sealant with air spaces. Moreover, these air spaces are filled with gas and vacuum; thereby improving the thermal performance of the building.

So, if it is -40° C or 50° C; you don’t have to worry. The insulated glass exhibits thermal insulation properties; thereby maintaining the temperature of the building/ home you want. It not only eliminates dew condensation between glass layers for low temperatures, but it also lowers the dew point at high temperature.

Noise Reduction 

The chaotic urban life and traffic cause severe noise pollution that affects the serenity of home and the effectiveness of the office. Do you want the noise to create a hindrance in your work? Or do you want those unwanted noises to disturb your little one’s sleep? Definitely, NO!

Vacuum glass effectively blocks the sound transmission from outside; making your room quite like a library. Its remarkable audio properties block the powerful low permeable frequency sounds. So, do you want to make your living and working place calm to work and rest?

Think about it! The serenity of your home and peace at your workplace depends on your decision. Take it or leave it!


The service life expectancy of a normal glass window is unpredictable. Due to its fragile nature, it can break anytime, However, an Insulated Glass window has a super long life. It holds a flexible edge sealing material property along with the assistance to built-in high-efficiency getter material. Thereby, it can sustain for long, and exhibit vacuum for longer. Most importantly, it is one of the safest and secure options for home and commercial buildings everyone can rely on.

Sustainability Factor

Generally, glass has a negative relationship with sustainability. Since a normal glass window or door can be easily broken, easily transfers heat, and offers a low thermal performance. However, Fab Glass and Mirror Insulated Glass is the best and the most appealing option. They offer a wide range of sustainability designs. They are energy efficient, control extreme temperatures and allow maximum light exposure inside the buildings. So, you can avail the opportunity of comfort, beauty without compromising on energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Now, without further delay, let’s look into some ways how you can achieve sustainability with Fab Glass and Mirror Insulated Glass for your home!

Ready to Rock on!

Designs for Sustainable Buildings with Vacuum Insulated Glass

Install A Residential Vacuum Insulated Glass for Your Home Windows 

Vacuum insulated glass windows in your home will not only give your home a new classy and elegant look but also give a cool effect in summers and warm touch in winters. Thereby helping you save money on your energy bills. So, whether you want to replace your entire insulated glass unit or just fix a broken frame; installing an American Insulated Glass will help you revive the atmosphere you want to maintain.

Your home window speaks for Insulated Glass; they are new, effective and efficient. So, don’t waste your time thinking; install it today and enjoy the luxuries you always dreamt for.

Replace Your Office Doors with Fab Glass and Mirror Insulated Glass

Are you planning to install a glass door for your office building? Do you intend to replace your old office door with a new, modern glass door for sustainable building?

Fab Glass and Mirror Insulated Glass fulfill your needs completely. They can revolutionize your commercial building settings; equipping you with better sound and heat insulation. Therefore, they will enhance the beauty and elegance of your office with ease. High quality and durable window glass is the right option for all commercial owners who long for cost efficiency and greater sustainability.

Are you thinking of the initial amount you need to install an Insulated Glass for your building? The initial investment of an Insulated Glass is high as compared to a normal glass window. However, is it expensive at the cost of efficiency and productivity? Is it expensive for its durability?

We believe it’s worth the amounts spent.

A dollar spent today is worth spending 1000 tomorrow!!

Fix Insulated Glass Panels/ Glass Storefront for Your Glass Office Building 

Is your office building windows damaged? Is there a lot of noise and disturbance of traffic and construction noise in your office? Is the productivity of your work halting due to unwanted noise outside?

Insulated Glass windows create a barrier from traffic noise, construction noise and all other unwanted noises bothering you. It regulates the temperature of the interior; thereby enhancing the overall thermal performance of your building. It not only helps you save a lot of bugs on heating and air conditioning, but Insulated Glass will help you step ahead for a healthy environment.

Install Commercial Glass Window with Wide Range of Options

Insulated Glass offers a wide range of applications and options for commercial buildings. It is not only offering commercial fixed and operable Insulated Glass window but Insulated Glass curtain walls, Insulated Glass sloped/ overhead glazing, glass storefront and glass for non-vision locations.

Hence, installing an Insulated Glass will not leave you out of budget; they are durable and damage resistance. They are a long term solution that will not only help you save from daily wear and tear expenses, but they ensure effective thermal performance. It is energy efficient that insulates like a wall and sideways helps your building perform better. It amplifies light and provides you comfort in your existing structure. There is a wide range of options available ready to overcome all your needs. Learn more about Insulated glass from here.

Wrapping Up 

So, if you own a traditional commercial building or a modern glass house; you need Fab Glass and Mirror Insulated Glass at your priority. They own thermal insulation properties, helps reduce noise frequency, offers a free condensation environment, retains high strength, long service expectancy level, and is easy and safe to use. Most importantly, they have a positive relationship with sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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