How to Downsize After Retirement


Do you feel as though your current living space is just too big for your means following your retirement? This is a common realization for many older adults, particularly when it comes to trying to clean and maintain a larger property.

Getting older often means less energy and hassles with mobility – never mind the fact that you’ll have better things to do than spending half of your day cleaning! Here is a simple guide to follow if you are considering downsizing your home.

The perks of downsizing

One of the main perks of downsizing is that there will be a lot less to worry about from an upkeep perspective. A smaller property will also prove easier to navigate and will cost you substantially less overall. The act of downsizing also provides you with the opportunity to get organized when it comes to your belongings.

Think about joining a senior living community

The first step will be deciding where you want to live. Would you prefer to remain in your current neighborhood, just on a smaller, more manageable property? Or are you keen to move elsewhere, such as into a senior living community? Independent senior living is often easier, more sustainable, and more enjoyable within a community such as this. There are various types of senior living communities, from age-restricted communities, where you live in a small home of your own but can choose to partake in various activities with other retirees, to senior co-housing, where other retirees live in and manage a property together.

In most instances, when choosing to live in a senior living community, many daily tasks, such as yard work and laundry, are taken care of on your behalf.

Starting the process

Regardless of where you choose to live, the general process of downsizing remains the same. You will need to:

  • Get rid of clutter: Moving into a smaller space means not being able to take a certain portion of your belongings with you. Therefore, it is vital to start de-cluttering well ahead of your move, especially if you have accumulated a lot of unused items over the years. Separate each of these items into categories, namely ‘throw away,’ ‘donate,’ and ‘sell.’ If you believe that a specific item might hold some value, it can prove worthwhile to have it evaluated by a professional. You never know just how much extra money you can make by selling certain items to collectors or auctioneers!
  • Work with a real estate agent: A real estate agent can help to streamline the process and remove the stress from the situation, just make sure this is the right one for you.
  • Pack: Save yourself time and stress by starting to pack your belongings a good few weeks before D-day. You could look into renting a storage unit for a few weeks in which to stash your boxes to free up some space, especially if you are still in the process of selling your current home.

Most retirees find that they are happier and more relaxed after deciding to downsize. Here’s hoping that it will be a great decision for you, too!

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