How to Draw An Organic Chemistry Structure


Of all the subjects you took at school as a kid, chemistry always stood out as something special with a unique learning curve. At first, it was far from easy, but then later on, as you continue to learn and grow, you found yourself falling in love with it more and more; you begin to understand how everything around you works. Sure, physics is great in that regard as well, but with chemistry, it’s something else. Understanding how reactions are happening every second of every minute, even in our own bodies, is one of the most fascinating things you could experience. But there was always one roadblock organic chemistry. Challenging as it may be, drawing organic structures was always the hardest part. That is why some students in Singapore also turn to chemistry tuition by private tuition teachers in Singapore to guide them on top of their formal school education. Help yourself with this chemistry database. Here’s how you can do it.


This is a great product for anybody who’d like to experience a smooth drawing time with organic chemistry, and it’s definitely one you should try. It is basically a set of structure drawing templates that come in a variety of formats, which gives you a lot of options in the long run. It also comes in PDF format with three different sizes: small, medium, and large in landscape or portrait design. This is great because you get to choose which design works best for your handwriting, and you even get several templates with each model, so you have a lot to work with. 


This +100 notebook is a great way to get into the world of organic chemistry, and it’ll make drawing compounds much easier for you in the long run. It comes with pages that have hexagonal graphs, which will help you accurately draw all the shapes you want. It’s made out of high-quality paper that is quite smooth to ensure an easy drawing process for whoever is using it. The great thing about this notebook is the fact that the Benznote hexagonal graph paper shapes are semi transparent, so they’re definitely not intrusive and wouldn’t distract you while you’re drawing your organic chemistry shapes. It gets even better; the papers are all three-hole punched and have perforated edges, so it’s definitely a great product to have.

Organic Chemistry Stencil 

Organic Chemistry Stencil 

Getting this stencil will make your life a whole lot easier, and it’s a great way to ensure you draw accurate molecular structures as they should be. It’s a very simple tool that will give you the chance to create the precise drawings you’ll need for organic chemistry, and you get options to draw anything from cyclopropane to boat conformations, as well as several other shapes. This stencil is compact, so you can easily carry it around to your classes or home, and it is made out of polycarbonate, so it’s quite durable and will last you for quite some time.

While it isn’t easy to draw organic chemistry structures, you will get used to it in time, and you’ll be able to draw all the shapes you want. It just needs a little practice, and more importantly, the necessary tools that will help you make the most out of your time with organic chemistry.

Learn about the pioneers behind the principles in our post Who Are the Foremost Chemists in History. Their discoveries laid the groundwork for everything we know about organic chemistry structures.

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