How to Find the Best DUI Attorney in Emeryville


When facing DUI charges, you want to get the best DUI attorney in Emeryville available to defend you. With an experienced DUI lawyer representing you in court, the chances of getting convicted of a DUI offense decreases immensely.

Moreover, the attorney you work with might be the only difference between getting convicted and dismissing charges. Following is helpful information for finding top-rated local DUI attorneys in Emeryville. We’ll see some top tips for getting the best DUI defense lawyer in Emeryville, including some critical questions to ask your potential Emeryville DUI lawyer.

Sure-Fire Tips for Locating the Best DUI Attorney in Emeryville

If you’re facing DUI charges, your best bet is to get an experienced legal professional in DUI criminal defense who can help you avoid severe sanctions. The last thing you want is to soil your reputation or risk future privileges if you’re convicted under Federal or State laws. Here is a quick rundown of essential tips to bear in mind when choosing a DUI attorney to represent you.

Streamline Your Search by Geographical Location

You want to streamline your search based on location as you predict how long you want to travel to meet your preferred DUI attorney. Depending on your site, a basic online search, for instance, along the lines of “the best DUI defense lawyers near me,” might suffice.

Seek Referrals from Past Attorney Partners

Communicate with lawyers with whom you—or your trusted family members—have worked within other fields. Suppose you were involved in an employment suit and worked with an employment attorney whose satisfactory services. They might have one or two referrals to share for a DUI or a criminal defense lawyer.

There’s a need for caution here, though, when seeking referrals from acquaintances. Take notice not to discuss the details of your charges with an acquaintance. It could negatively impact your defense later. Moreover, the court might later call up the person as a witness against you based on what you told them.

Online Reviews Could be of Help Too

Also, when it comes to knowing what DUI lawyer to choose, you can’t undermine the worth of online reviews. Look up your final options on the web and see what their past clients say. What were their past clients’ testimonies about their timeliness, effectiveness, or availability? By paying attention to the online reviews of the possible options, you’d get closer to selecting a lawyer that best fits you and your situation.

Reduce Your Options to Two or Three Favorite Choices

Further, narrow down your choices from the last step to or three top choices. You may also want to ensure your choices are recognized as an “attorney” at the State Bar. Verify that they have the license to operate in California, particularly in Emeryville.

Place a Call through to Each of the Two or Three DUI Attorney Options

Place a Call through to Each of the Two or Three DUI Attorney Options

Speak with the lawyers through a telephone call—or better still, in person. Like Louis J. Goodman, some Emeryville DUI attorneys have a straightforward system to talk with clients in person or through a phone call. For a one-on-one consultation with an experienced DUI attorney in Emeryville, contact Louis J. Goodman at

Questions to Ask Your Prospective DUI Defense Lawyer

Once you’ve seen that the prospective lawyer has most of the essential qualities, you can proceed in your search. You could then ask the DUI defense attorney options specific vital questions to make your final pick. Otherwise, it might be best to move on and consider the next opportunity.

How Experienced Are You in Defending DUI Cases?

DUI cases are part of the most complex criminal cases to handle in our judicial system. Therefore developing competence in the area requires an in-depth understanding of different sub-topics. For instance, extensive knowledge of alcohol chemistry and physiology in the human body, trial skills in addition to criminal procedures are of paramount importance. Interestingly, lawyers can only develop a proper working knowledge of them over years of hands-on experience.

What Relevant Organizations Are You Part of?

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) supports criminal defense attorneys in defending their clients. And that includes people charged for driving under the influence. Being a member of such an association shows that your lawyer cares about protecting your fundamental rights. It also indicates how much they care about the necessary principles for advocating solid criminal cases.

How Devoted Is Your Firm or Practice to Drunk-Driving Defense?

Typically, you wouldn’t request a “General Practice” medical doctor to help resolve a psychiatric disorder. It’s likewise essential to consult a cutting-edge DUI attorney when making a choice. DUI laws are so dynamic that your attorney must be current enough to know what arguments will suffice today. Most of the time, it’s pretty difficult for attorneys to be present in several legal fields per time.

How Well Do You Understand Breath Testing Instruments and Procedures?

Here comes another angle to the technical experience you need to look out for in your prospective DUI attorney. Nearly all DUI cases involve a meeting point between law and breath testing-related science. Your attorney must understand the official instruments and physiology connected to breath alcohol testing.

At the very least, your DUI attorney in Emeryville ought to have and be conversant with relevant Breath Alcohol Testing Manuals in California. You may want to ask your prospective lawyer about their library on DUI litigation procedures. The best LOCAL DUI ATTORNEYS have an extensive and updated library to remain abreast with the latest relevant information on such cases. Another example of such crucial tests is the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

Do You Ensure to Stay Up-to-Date in Your Training as a DUI Attorney?

One of the ways that the best DUI attorneys stay current in the latest DUI defense trial skills is by attending training conferences. By participating in such seminars, defense attorneys can remain on the cutting edge while sharing information with their colleagues across the nation.

What Financial Obligations Are Involved in Hiring a Good DUI Attorney in Emeryville?

No two cases are the same, and lawyers’ fees are not set in stone. As with most other careers, the more professional or recognized the attorney, the higher their fees. Ensure you correctly understand the financial obligations involved—and well-documented—before hiring an attorney.


Your DUI attorney in Emeryville could make or mar your defense in court over a DUI charge. Facing a DUI charge is never a pleasant experience—your reputation and plans may be at risk. However, there’s no need to fret; the right attorney could help get you off any harsh sanctions or getting convicted. Carefully choose your legal representative, and, surprisingly, the situation could turn out into a pleasant milestone in your life.

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