How to Have the Happiest and Healthiest Australian Shepherd

When you are ready to adopt a dog, there is a lot of thought put in to the type of breed that you are interested in. Each breed has its own unique qualities, needs, and temperaments. To give your new dog the happiest life, you must find a breed that fits into your current home and lifestyle. 

For instance, if you live in a small one-bedroom apartment, a small to mid-size breed may be best. If you live on a property with lots of acreage, you have the space where a large dog that requires lots of outdoor exercise would thrive.

If you’re looking for a dog that will cuddle and give you emotional support, finding a breed that likes companionship will be more suiting that a dog that prefers to relax on its own.

No matter what type of dog you decide to adopt, show it lots of love and give it the happiest and healthiest life.

Where Did Australian Shepherds Originate?

The Australian Shepherd has been traced to have European roots, however that is not where the dog got its notoriety. The Australian Shepherd became popular in California. This breed of dog have been trained as farm dogs or rodeo dogs. This breed can help herd packs of animals on the farm.

What Are The Charicteristics Of An Australian Shepherd?

The Australian Shepherd is known to be a friendly dog. Coming in as a mid-size dog, the average Australian Shepherd is 22 inches tall and 55 pounds in weight.

 It may take a little while to warm up to strangers, but this breed is know to do very well with children of the household. The Australian Shepherd may not be the most snuggle dog but that is because they tend to take on the duty as a watch dog. They want to protect the family and land.  With that being said, this breed is lovable, loyal, and will be there for you and your family.

What Is The Health History Of The Australian Shepherd Breed?

The Australian Shepherd are generally a healthy dog. This breed is active. This breed is smart. By stimulating this dog’s brain and also allowing it to get an adequate amount of exercise daily, you will be doing your part in helping this dog maintain its preventative care.

This dog sports a double coat. It is important to brush this dogs cost several times a month. When it is shedding season, brushing every 2-3 days will help remove the dead hair from the coat. Since these dogs love to run and play outside, their coats may become dirty more frequently. Wash as needed to keep their coat clean and shiny.

As the dog ages, keep an eye out for hip dysplasia and joint issues. In addition, this breed may be susceptible to cataracts and other eye issues. As the dog ages, it may be wise to schedule an ophthalmologist appointment. 

With this breed’s love to play outside and get dirty, make sure you are checking the ears on a regular basis. Ears can get dirty, acquire build up, and need to get cleaned frequently.

How To Keep Your Australian Shepherds Happy

The Australian Shepherd needs a lot of exercise and brain stimulation to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. This breed is known to help herd animals on the farm so give it ample time to run around a yard. 

The Australian Shepherd is a smart dog that can be easily trained. By frequently challenging this dog by giving commands for various tricks, you will help stimulate this dogs brain and keep it active and healthy.

The Australian Shepherd also needs adequate food to help feed its energy levels. This breed prefers high-quality dog food or home made food. When this breed gets its required nutrients on a daily basis, this animal will thrive and be at its optimal shape. If you are using this dog as a farm dog or to herd animals, giving this dog the proper diet is extremely important.

Life A Long And Happy Life With Your Australian Shepherd

By putting in the time to nurture your Australian Shepherds mind and body, you will help your pup live a long and happy life. This means allowing your Australian Sherpard to get enough exercise outside on a daily basis and stimulating its mind with various tricks during playtime each day. In turn, your Australian Shepherd will reward you with its lifelong loyalty.