How to Move in Style with Custom Boxes


Moving is an enormous undertaking.  It can be time-consuming, stressful, and chaotic.  One of the most exhausting tasks you’ll face when moving is rounding up enough of the right-sized boxes to pack up your belongings and then figuring out how to dispose of all those boxes once your move is over.

Relocations in your past might have included raiding every grocery market and big box store in town or begging your friends and family for their used Amazon delivery boxes.  Moving today offers the far more appealing option of ordering custom boxes to make your transition to a new home efficient and effective without the waste of getting rid of all those random boxes.

What are custom boxes?

Custom boxes are created especially for you, with the size, style, color, and shape you want in the quantities you need.  Like, online sites make it easy to design boxes that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Companies like this one offer boxes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.  Then you customize them by choosing patterns or color combinations you like best.

You end up with precisely what you need in terms of size, shape, and quantity of boxes, and with a fun, stylish and unique look that makes it easy for you to visualize and organize your belongings for the move.

How can custom boxes make my move easier?

One of the most practical ways to utilize custom boxes for a move is to assign each room in the house you are moving into a color or pattern.

For example, if your new home has two bathrooms, one you’ll use primarily for the kids and one in the master bedroom, you could choose a cute rubber ducky pattern for the kids’ bathroom and a color for the master bath that most closely aligns with your color scheme in that room.

If there are three bedrooms, each could have a unique color.  Not only does that help you when you sort your family’s belongings and start to pack them up, but imagine how beneficial that is for the movers when they are unloading boxes and hauling them into your new home?

All the blue boxes can go into the blue bedroom.  All the brown boxes can be delivered directly into the kitchen.  Color coding by room is a logical way to use custom boxes to your advantage.

You could also sort by the contents or weight of the box.  If you plan to get your kids in on the process, choose a color to represent only light-weight and non-breakable contents so they will know which ones they can help pack and carry.  Use specific colors to represent fragile items, another to represent linens, still another to identify photos or décor.

How can I reuse the boxes after I move?

One of the real benefits of ordering unique, customized boxes that are stylish and attractive is that you can reuse them after your move is over.  If you designed a few cute yellow ducky boxes for your kids’ bathroom contents, keep those to use for baby shower gifts, storage of toys, or for extra bathroom supplies.

These boxes are fantastic for gift giving.  Instead of finding a box and purchasing wrapping paper, you can put your gift inside a custom box, stick a pretty bow on top, and call it done.  Quick and easy but stylish, fun, and creative too.

Moving with low stress and high style.

Ordering boxes that are exactly what you need and customizing them to make sorting, packing, moving, and unpacking more comfortable will help reduce the stress associated with your move.  And since you have the luxury of creating the outside of the boxes in colors and patterns you find most appealing, you’ll be able to use your custom boxes to help you move in style and with ease.


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