Professional Sports Leagues Will Not Jump General Public for Vaccinations

Last year was one of the strangest years ever in the world of sports. When the pandemic hit, virtually the entire professional sports world ground to a halt. For decades, we have all become used to seeing sports on TV at some point during the day. Even though every season has an offseason, there was never an off-season for all sports put together. Therefore, sports return has brought a lot of joy to those looking for sports picks once again. Simultaneously, many people are concerned that the sports leagues may end up grinding to a halt also. Why is this the case?

COVID Cases Are On the Rise Once Again

Recently, the world got a bit of good news. Numerous vaccinations are now approved. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson are going to be rolled out to the general public. Furthermore, many of these vaccinations are already being given to healthcare workers who regularly treat patients with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, when news of the vaccine has been released, many people tend to let their guard down. Because there is now a vaccine out, many people believe that the coronavirus pandemic is now behind us. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Developing a vaccine is not the same thing as giving a vaccine to the general public. It will take a long time and a lot of logistical planning before everyone has been vaccinated and life is going to return to normal. Because people are letting their guard down, coronavirus cases are on the rise once again. Recently, the United States exceeded 4000 coronavirus decks in a single day for the first time. As a result, many people are concerned that there may be another lockdown coming.

Vaccinations Must Be Given Out in a Logical Manner

Covid-19 Vaccine

Of course, the sports world would be able to continue if all of their players were vaccinated. If this were the case, then fears of the virus spreading among professional athletes would be abated. On the other hand, giving vaccinations to professional athletes before the rest of the general public is simply not ethical. Of course, health care workers who treat patients with the coronavirus daily need to be vaccinated first. Then, individuals who are at risk of developing severe complications from a viral infection need to be next. These include the elderly and individuals with immune deficiencies. The reality is that professional athletes are generally young, healthy individuals who are not at severe risk of developing significant complications if they are infected with the virus. Therefore, they are merely going to have to wait their turn.

Without the Vaccine, Will Professional Sports Leagues Shut Down Again?

If professional athletes are not vaccinated, some people are concerned that professional sports leagues may grind to a halt once again. Fortunately, it is doubtful that professional sports leagues are going to shut down. Unlike this time last year, we have a lot of experience playing sports during the pandemic. Therefore, most professional sports leagues have stringent measures to respond quickly if something happens related to the virus’s spread. As a result, people should expect to sees sports on their TV screens regularly for the next few months. On the other hand, games might be postponed or moved around.