How to Prepare for an Apartment Tour

Last 2022, 44.1 million households were renters. That’s a large number of people signing rental contracts! What if you’re one of those people?

You’ve got a big meeting coming up, and you’re so excited! You’re signing the papers on your first apartment!

But wait. How do you prepare for an apartment tour? You only get one shot for the landlords to see what you’re about.

No worries, we got you covered. Here’s how to ace your apartment search.

Make a Checklist of Your Preferences

Think about the areas that are most important to you in a living space. Some items to consider may include the size of the apartment, the number and size of the rooms, the view, the price, and the neighborhood. The proximity to grocery stores, schools, and transportation are also important factors.

Additionally, consider the type of building, the amenities available, and the general area. Once you have your list of preferences and priorities written down, you can better narrow down the selection of apartments that meet your criteria and have the most potential.

Research the Apartment

Before scheduling an apartment tour, research the apartment to ensure all your needs are met. Check out the neighborhood, the availability of amenities, access to public transportation, local attractions, and the area’s safety.

Consider your budget and read reviews of the property to ensure quality. Contact the landlord/manager to ask if they offer an online virtual tour of the property to save time. You can even consider visiting Industry Pittsburgh to find the perfect community for you!

Prepare Questions

Before the apartment hunt, make a note of things that you may have questions about. Talk to current and former tenants to hear about their experiences and ask them about their time in the apartment complex.

During the tour, ask questions about security measures, neighborhood amenities, the parking situation, and other essential details. Ask if certain items may be included in the apartment rental and whether there are any restrictions. Additionally, ask about any additional apartment leasing fees that may be added to the total cost.

Bring Necessary Documentation

Necessary documents include up-to-date proof of employment or income, driver’s license or state ID, and rental history. Your evidence of work should include recent pay stubs, and your rental history should consist of a list of landlords you’ve rented from.

Additionally, if your target move in date is sooner, it would be helpful to bring a letter of reference from your current landlord. If you have difficulty obtaining these documents, you may consider having somebody else vouch for you.

Allow Sufficient Time for the Tour

Call and book an appointment for the apartment tour. Ensure you don’t leave this to the last minute and allow yourself sufficient time to get there.

While on tour, be sure to view the entire apartment. Allowing enough time for the tour will ensure you’re not rushed and can take the necessary steps to secure your rental for the apartment properly.

Get Ready for Your Apartment Tour Today

Overall, it’s crucial to remain ready for an apartment tour. Do your research beforehand, have recent documents or records on-hand, check out the neighborhood, and know what amenities matter to you. Most importantly, make sure the apartment fits your needs and budget.

Use this guide to make sure your apartment tour goes as smoothly as possible. Always remember to take a moment to consider if this will be your perfect place. Happy hunting!

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