Modern and Sleek Ways to Decorate Your Rented Apartment


Have you recently moved into a rented property/apartment and are looking for ways to upgrade and decorate your new place? Decorating can be a stressful process as there are a minefield of decisions to be made, there are financial and aesthetic considerations to think of, and also things to remember that may be against your tenancy agreement.

Firstly, you must think about the time and money you’re investing in a temporary home, are these decorations something that can wait until you get your own place? Try considering the areas you need to focus on more, perhaps it’s your kitchen or bedroom, and then also learn to live with everything else. It’s not ideal to do this, but ultimately you want to leave your best creative skills for when your you purchase a property!

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is a current and modern trend that people are embracing in their homes, despite whether it’s rented or not. Keeping it simple means, you don’t overcrowd or complicate your decorating. Depending on your landlord and tenancy agreement, you may be asked to refrain from painting walls or making any substantial changes to the property. However, if you’re free to paint, then we would say to always keep the colours neutral.

Grey, cream, and white are always great options to choose since this doesn’t mean the landlord has to redecorate when you move out.

Invest in Versatile Art and Display it

Since decorating is limited in a rental property, a great way of showing your personality is to buy pieces of versatile art and displaying it throughout your key rooms. Most tenancy agreements state that you can use small picture hooks as long as you fill them in when you leave. This is particularly good if you consider yourself an art collector and someone who appreciates paintings. Investing and spending large amounts of money on art can really add something special to your rented place. Plus, any art you buy can move when you eventually purchase a home of your own.

Upgrade Your Lighting (Where Possible)

Eco-friendly lighting is so important, and smart lighting is a great feature to have in your home. However, besides the actual lightbulbs, you can decorate your property using lampshades on main lights and on lamps around your home. Adding a beautifully crafted lampshade in your living room can truly transform the room completely, which is why so many people do this. You could opt for a metal lighting fixture that boasts modern and art deco vibes, or choose something that hangs low with beautiful lights hanging from it for a traditional look. Either way, you can add something special to any room by changing up the lampshade! It may be that your rental property has lampshades included when you move in, you can use these if you don’t want to fork out for new ones but if you choose to buy some for yourself, just remember to keep the originals in a safe place.

Buy a Rug

Depending on the type of flooring you have throughout your rental property, you may want to shop around for a rug or piece of carpet. Carpet can make a huge room feel a lot cosier, plus it’s soft on your feet too. Even if you’re not too bothered about having carpet in your home, it can add something a little different to a room and bring it together. Rugs are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, choose a colour that matches your chosen room, or even try contrasting with a bright and bold patterned rug. Choosing the right rug can be difficult, so ensure you do your research and go with something you’re going to love!

Use a multipurpose furniture

Selecting multipurpose furniture will help you conserve room and lessen visual clutter in a small apartment. This might mean anything from an upscale Murphy bed that serves as a sofa to something as basic as a tiny dining table that can be used as a sitting area, home office, or somewhere to play games and work on craft projects.

Your bed may be tucked into the corner, and the windowsill doubles as a bedside table for reading material and a lamp. A wall-mounted magazine rack on the gallery wall saves room.

modern couch and decor

Create Visual Height

Select a white shade pendant light that will not overpower the space if your ceilings are low. By drawing the eye upward, boosting visual height makes a place feel larger even without adding extra living space. The area seems light and spacious throughout since this light fixture is integrated into the ceiling.

Carve Out an Entryway

Would you like your flat to have a little more grandeur and formality? Even if you do not have a formal doorway, take some time to create one. It is, after all, the first thing your visitors will notice when they arrive.

To provide guests a place to put their belongings, install a mirror, wall hooks, and a small console table near your front entrance.

grey sofa with simple decor


Keep It Clear

Select transparent furniture that may practically disappear in the area if it is really small. Glass, lucite, and acrylic pieces all have sleek finishes and glossy surfaces that give them a classy appearance. For a style that tidies up those awkward spaces without drawing attention to itself against bright walls, pair transparent furniture with your favorite colorful décor and natural accessories.

Keep Your Space Organized

Even while an apartment might not have as much storage as a single-family home, you can maintain the same level of order with a little clever planning. Make the most of the wall space; shelves and hooks are your allies, particularly if you do not have many closets.

Rearrange Frequently

Living in a smaller place can quickly lead to boredom with your house and a regular desire to invest in new furniture. Instead, you may revitalize a room entirely by shopping around your own house and only moving the furniture and décor you already own.

Opt for Open Shelving

Remove the hardware and use open shelves on upper cabinets instead of concealing your finest tableware behind antiquated cabinet doors. Open shelves elongate the room and create the illusion of more height. 

Command Strip Gallery Wall

Although gallery walls have undergone stylistic changes, they are here to stay. Combine original artwork with cherished memories and vibrant homemade wall art that is hung from non-damaging hooks. Once your configuration is set up, you may easily alter the artwork or pictures to suit your changing tastes.

Reflect With Mirrors

Using mirrors in little areas is another classic interior design tip. When dealing with low-light situations, huge mirrors ingeniously enlarge your space by reflecting natural light across the room. 

DIY Faux Floating Shelves

Builder-grade wire shelving may be upgraded without removing the shelves and starting over, regardless of whether you own or rent your house. This elegant wood cover looks like it costs a million dollars and just goes on top of existing shelves.

Go Green

To add lovely flora to your home, you do not need to be a green thumb. If your apartment does not have a view of lush greenery, you may still bring the outside in by adding indoor plants. 

Use Minimal Bathroom Colors

Minimize the color scheme in a tiny bathroom. Keep basic elements like towels, floor mats, and vanity storage in the room, even if you want to go dramatic with a single tone.

Mix and Match Textures

To obfuscate boundaries and produce a cohesive whole, layer many soft materials in shades of white, such as bedding, rugs, and blankets.  A romantic farmhouse feel is created by the combination of natural wood textures, fluffy blankets, and linen. The predominant bedding is matched with white walls, and the distinctive bedside tables accentuate the colors found in the accessories and bed frame.

Play Up Windows

Make use of your huge, bright windows as your main focus point if you are fortunate enough to reside in an area with plenty of them. Even if you have limited space, arrange the furniture in the room such that it faces the windows for an open, spacious look that will not feel claustrophobic. 

Vinyl Floor Stickers

Your apartment likely has some tiling in the kitchen or bathroom that gives you creeps every time you see it. Vinyl floor stickers provide a lively, entertaining pattern that instantly lights up the space. This is a true (temporary) answer.

Displaying Personal Items and Collections

You may further enhance the feeling of homeliness in your leased flat by putting on display personal objects and collections. Put your favorite books and artwork on shelves or arrange pictures of your loved ones on the walls. To give your room personality, put any unique collections you have, such as old cameras or vinyl records, on display in a visible area.

It is crucial to find a balance between exhibiting your individuality and keeping your area clutter-free when it comes to displaying personal belongings. To maintain a sense of freshness and interest in your room, pick a few essential pieces to showcase and switch them out from time to time.

well lit room in an apartment


Embrace Natural Light

The space appears brighter when simple, translucent white window coverings are used to allow in more light. You may still have enough solitude without darkening your rooms by using sheer curtains or woven shades instead of the antiquated blinds that came with your flat or blackout curtains. This is particularly crucial for windows facing west and south, which let in the most natural light.

Consider removable wallpaper

Although wallpaper is a certain method to add warmth to your room, it may not always be within your rent agreement or budget. There is this peel-and-stick wallpaper, dubbed “an ingenious invention”. “What goes up must come down, and removable wallpaper is the ideal solution to making a temporary space feel personal.”

Conceal the radiators

Sometimes hiding the things that cannot be moved is the best method to give your home a more polished look. For many of us, it means coming up with creative covers for radiators, which are, at best, ugly eye sores. The issue only gets worse if your radiator is located in a living room or another conspicuous section of your house. But worry not—it is feasible to enhance the room’s atmosphere in addition to eliminating the eye pain. 

Establish an Entrance

A few chic pieces may go a long way toward making a little flat function better. And in a little doorway, this is quite helpful. You may select a sophisticated accent chair for slipping shoes on and off, a slender and fashionable basket for umbrellas, two sculpture-inspired hooks for jackets and bags, and a mirror that not only adorns the wall but also serves as a last-minute touch-up mirror.

Add Scones

Whether you are an extreme maximalist, a devoted minimalist, or you are not sure which home design trends appeal to you the most, adding sconces to your room will make it feel well-planned and sophisticated. In locations where a floor lamp just would not work, sconces may also be a huge space saving.

Keep an Eye on Your Books

This fun spot is officially the ideal reading nook thanks to the built-in bookcase, the comfortable chair, and the excellent lighting. Sort the books according to color and experiment with the arrangement so there is always something interesting to gaze at.


small well decorated room

Take advantage of negative space

Whatever term you use to describe the space, negative or white space is the most valuable aspect of minimalism. It is not necessary to cram decorations or possessions into every available space. It seems bigger and more peaceful to have empty, open space in your apartment, so do not feel obligated to place everything in an open space simply because you can.


In conclusion, it does not take a significant financial outlay or a long-term commitment to turn a rental property into a chic and contemporary area. Tenants may easily incorporate their individuality and style into their living area by employing a consistent color palette, improving storage solutions, and emphasizing adaptable and removable décor items. Renters may transform their rental homes into unique retreats that satisfy their preferences and current trends by embracing creativity, adaptability, and a strong sense of practical design. Renters may create a home that is not only visually beautiful but also flexible enough to accommodate shifting requirements and preferences by taking the appropriate approach to balancing style and functionality.

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