Modern and Sleek Ways to Decorate Your Rented Apartment

Have you recently moved into a rented property/apartment and are looking for ways to upgrade and decorate your new place? Decorating can be a stressful process as there are a minefield of decisions to be made, there are financial and aesthetic considerations to think of, and also things to remember that may be against your tenancy agreement.

Firstly, you must think about the time and money you’re investing in a temporary home, are these decorations something that can wait until you get your own place? Try considering the areas you need to focus on more, perhaps it’s your kitchen or bedroom, and then also learn to live with everything else. It’s not ideal to do this, but ultimately you want to leave your best creative skills for when your you purchase a property!

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is a current and modern trend that people are embracing in their homes, despite whether it’s rented or not. Keeping it simple means, you don’t overcrowd or complicate your decorating. Depending on your landlord and tenancy agreement, you may be asked to refrain from painting walls or making any substantial changes to the property. However, if you’re free to paint, then we would say to always keep the colours neutral.

Grey, cream, and white are always great options to choose since this doesn’t mean the landlord has to redecorate when you move out. For minimalistic/simplistic décor inspiration, take a look at the apartments offered by RWinvest. Their Liverpool apartment block Parliament Square is a beautiful sight to behold and features simple decorations.

Invest in Versatile Art and Display it

Since decorating is limited in a rental property, a great way of showing your personality is to buy pieces of versatile art and displaying it throughout your key rooms. Most tenancy agreements state that you can use small picture hooks as long as you fill them in when you leave. This is particularly good if you consider yourself an art collector and someone who appreciates paintings. Investing and spending large amounts of money on art can really add something special to your rented place. Plus, any art you buy can move when you eventually purchase a home of your own.

Upgrade Your Lighting (Where Possible)

Eco-friendly lighting is so important, and smart lighting is a great feature to have in your home. However, besides the actual lightbulbs, you can decorate your property using lampshades on main lights and on lamps around your home. Adding a beautifully crafted lampshade in your living room can truly transform the room completely, which is why so many people do this. You could opt for a metal lighting fixture that boasts modern and art deco vibes, or choose something that hangs low with beautiful lights hanging from it for a traditional look. Either way, you can add something special to any room by changing up the lampshade! It may be that your rental property has lampshades included when you move in, you can use these if you don’t want to fork out for new ones but if you choose to buy some for yourself, just remember to keep the originals in a safe place.

Buy a Rug

Depending on the type of flooring you have throughout your rental property, you may want to shop around for a rug or piece of carpet. Carpet can make a huge room feel a lot cosier, plus it’s soft on your feet too. Even if you’re not too bothered about having carpet in your home, it can add something a little different to a room and bring it together. Rugs are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, choose a colour that matches your chosen room, or even try contrasting with a bright and bold patterned rug. Choosing the right rug can be difficult, so ensure you do your research and go with something you’re going to love!