How to Prepare Your Home for Your Elderly Parent

There often comes a point in life where it is your turn to look after your parents. When this happens, one of the options is housing them in your own home which comes with many benefits, including always being able to check up on them. You must prepare your house for such an occasion, though, as a seniors’ needs differ to a younger adult – read on to learn how.

Install Automatic Doors

Many seniors have trouble with mobility, and that includes opening and closing doors. If you have an automatic door leading to your garden, an autoslide starter kit will allow your parent easy access to the outdoors.

Provide a Downstairs Bedroom and Bathroom

Another problem for seniors is struggling to get up and down the stairs. If you can, setting up both a bedroom and bathroom on your ground floor would be beneficial, as they will not have to climb the stairs every time they want to go to bed.

Do not worry if you do not have the room downstairs – there is always the option of a stairlift.

Bring Shelves Lower

While you might be able to reach the top cupboard with the snacks or the plates, your senior parent might struggle. To ensure they can make themselves a snack or reach for a book when you are not around, bring your shelves lower. It is the little changes like this that will make them feel more comfortable.

Install a Front Door Peephole

Your parent might not feel safe answering the door when home alone, and by installing a peephole, you will give them a sense of safety. Plus, it is a useful addition to any house!

Replace Lighting

Your eyes deteriorate as you age. While you might be fine with sitting in a half-lit room, your senior parent might struggle to read or even get around. To make sure your parent is safe, replace any old lighting with fresh bulbs to ensure the entire house is well lit.

Recliner Chairs and Beds

Elderly people can find it difficult to get up, and they can become set rigid after sitting down for too long or sleeping in the same position for a fixed period. To aid your loved one and to make their life even easier you should look at getting reclining chairs and armchairs that fit within your living room, and also adjustable beds that allow them to maneuver, lift and alter their bed as they see fit. When your elderly loved one has slept better or sat better you will notice an improvement in their behavior which should be positive for everyone within your home.

Consider Trip Hazards

Do any of your carpets turn up at the corner? Is there an armchair in the way of the bookshelf? While you might not consider these trip hazards for yourself, for your elderly parent, they could result in a serious accident. Walk through each room and take note of any potential trip hazards, and then fix each one before your parent arrives.

Ask Them for Their Preferences

It is not just about safety when it comes to giving your parent a home; it is about comfort, too. Remember – they have had to leave their own home, and you must provide a place that makes them feel at ease. To do this, ask them about any preferences they may have. For example, they might prefer a light-colored room or an armchair close to the fireplace.

Inviting your senior parent to live with you can cause some stress. By ensuring they are both safe and comfortable, the whole process will become much smoother.