How to prevent dog hair in the car


The pure example of the best friend is a dog. Dog means a lot to a pet lover. They help us in many household works and give us company also. So it is must to take this best friend to a ride with you in the car.

Unfortunately, the excitement of having a trip with your pet dog can wear off when you found that dog’s hair is everywhere mostly on the seats, on the floor and the carpet of your car. All pet owners know how struggling it is to remove the dog’s hair from the car. It’s a very time-consuming and difficult process as the hairs don’t want to remove easily.

So what to do? Obviously, we love our pet so much. So forbidding them from a car trip is not any solution. So to get rid of pet hair from your car here are some amazing solutions.

10- Easy and best ways to get rid of dog hair is as follows

Prevention of dog hair

Prevention is always a better option than a cure. So before letting them in your car brush the whole body of your pet 2-3 times. A good brush and bath can remove the loosened hair. In this way, loosen hair will fall, and it will suppress the quantity of hair that stuck in your car.

Rubber gloves

A rubber glove is a great tool to clean pet hair from the car. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and sweep it over your car’s seat, carpet and wherever you find fur. Then loosed fur will stick on your gloves fingerprint. You have to sweep in one direction so that loosed fur will stick in one pile. You can use a rubber brush instead of rubber gloves too.

Fabric softener

Fabric softener contains some specific ingredients which are mostly made to remove loose hair.

First, mix 2-3 teaspoons fabric softener with water and made a mixture. Then spray it over your car’s seat, carpet and wherever you found hair. Next with a paper towel, wipe the upholstery to loosen pet hair.

Seat covers

Seat covers are the best solution to get rid of pet hair. In the market, you will find different kinds of seat covers for dog hair. This seat cover can be removed easily and also very easy to clean after each journey. If you don’t want to buy any seat covers, then you can use an old towel, sheet or blanket also. This will work as similar to the seat cover.


The balloon is another solution to collect loosen pet hair. Rub a balloon over your car’s surface, or wherever you notice dog hair, then the loose hair will get stick with your balloon.


If you have any vacuum in our house, then it will more easy to remove dog hair. Vacuuming the car’s interior body will surely remove most of the stubborn hair of your pet.

Duct tape

Duct tape is the best reliable thing to repair almost everything. So don’t get surprise hearing that you can use it to remove pet hair from your car’s seat, carpet too.

First of all, around your hand wrap the tape, and the sticky side must be facing outward as that side will collect the dog’s fur. Then slowly tap your hand wherever you notice hair and then check it out that the hair has been stuck on your duct tape.


Squeegee is a co-effective and fast process to remove pet hair quickly. Squeegee’s blade of rubber will stick pet hair easily when you scroll it over your car’s seat and floor. It is as like rubber gloves. Many low-cost squeegees are there in the market so you can buy it easily.

Velcro hair curler

This Velcro hair curler is not the best tool, though, but it’s a cheap and easy remedy. Roll this hair curler along with your car’s upholstery. If there any hair they will stick to it. Those who are looking for cheap tools to remove pet hair can try this.

Wire brush

Lastly, a wire brush is a great material to remove pet hair from the car. This wire brush is actually used at the final step of removing pet hair. Just run the brush simply along with the car’s upholstery until the hair is removed.

So these are some easy, cost-free or low-cost solutions to get rid of dog hair in the car. Almost in every house, we buy these tools for many household needs. At the same time, we can use these materials to prevent dog hair in the car too. So using this process, you can get rid of the fur of your pet dog in the car.  Be sure to check out dog peer for a great option to find your next best friend.

It’s natural that hair or fur falls from your pet animal. At the same time, we can’t change our excitement or our mind to go on a trip with our furry friend dog. So try these remedies and happily go on a trip with your pet.

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