Why Is a Pretty Website So Important?

When people are looking for legal services, their first stop is to conduct a simple Google search, where they are likely to run into your website. What will they find? What kind of experience will they have when interacting with your website?

The first impression matters, and according to Google, you have less than 1 second to create a lasting one with website users. Your web design will determine how long visitors spend on the site, what they view, and whether they become repeat customers.

Here is why designing a pretty website is so important:

Easy Site Navigation

A pretty website is not just attractive interface design. It is also how different site elements like buttons, images, pieces of text, and subscription forms are arranged and placed strategically on a page. This enables site visitors to find information easily as they navigate from one point to another.

For instance, on the home page, placing a “Book an Appointment” button before explaining your basic services might create confusion through a disorganized flow of information.

Capture Visitors’ Interest

Attractive websites are visually appealing and therefore, likely to capture a visitor’s interest for a little while longer. Whether it is the beautiful images of your product, a stylish font, or using harmonious colors, a well-designed website is a recipe for memorable user experience. Your landing page should feel welcoming, while the rest of the site’s design emulates and supports this front page.

Instead of including long texts that explain your services on the home page, writing catchy phrases related to the services and linking them to a “What We Do” page will create the right curiosity to click and learn more.

Remember, curious customers equals engaging customers. With easy navigation tools and a piqued interest, good website design will ultimately convert visitors and drive their purchase decisions towards your direction.

Reach the Intended Audience

When you established your practice, you identified a particular category of people who are the most preferred consumers of your products or services. This intended audience continues to influence important business decisions, including website design.

For example, cool laid-back colors may suit an older age-group while bright colors will appeal to younger ones. Understanding your target audience, their likes and dislikes, what piques their interest, and so on will set the right foundation. Translating this information to reflect on your website through the right fonts, language, and colors will easily attract your intended customers.

An Attractive Website Establishes Trust

Your website represents your business to a large extent. It does not matter if you offer genuine world-class legal services. If you have an ugly and outdated law firm website, prospective clients who discover your services through the site will be wary of doing business with you until you convince them otherwise. There are companies that specialize in  lawyer web design, and they would know best what is most effective to speak your brand.

A pretty website looks professional and shows that you care about your customers enough to provide an enjoyable user experience. This type of trust created from the word go brings in returning customers because they already believe that you are genuine.

Enhance Your Brand

A website is an extension of a business’s branding efforts. Top law firms experience high website traffic and conversion rates, not because of their size, but due to the public trust they have established through consistent branding.

An attractive website will incorporate business colors, fonts, and language, creating a harmonious brand concept on the outset. Because of this uniformity, customers will easily relate the website to other parts of your business, which will increase public awareness.