How to Recover from an Unfair Dismissal


No one likes to contemplate unfair dismissal but the truth is that it happens and more regularly than you may think. In fact, there were over thirteen and a half thousand unfair dismissal claims logged in 2017.

The good news is that you can recover from an unfair dismissal, you simply need to follow these steps.

Seek Professional Help

If you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed then you should see a reputable unfair dismissal employment lawyer as soon as possible. You have a very small window to lodge your unfair dismissal claim. Speaking to a professional with all the information will help them to decide if you have a case and they will get the ball rolling for you.

If you win the case it will help financially and it can help with getting work in the future.

But, even while the case is going on, you need to be focusing on the future and recovering from the unfair dismissal.

Get References

New employers will want to see references from your last employer. Approach them straight away, before the case gets heated up and tensions rise! They are legally bound to supply an honest reference, this will include the reasons you left.

However, you can request a basic reference that confirms your employment details and time spent with the company. These are normal for large companies so requesting this doesn’t necessarily look strange to new employers.

It is also worth checking whether there are any managers at the firm prepared to write a personal reference for you. This can help.

Take On Temp Work

This is one of the best ways to get back into the employment market and keep earning money. Employment agencies tend to be happy with basic references as their clients will quickly tell them of any issues.

Signing up with an agency should get you some work and allow you to bring in some money. That’s an important part of your recovery process.


Now that you have done everything you can about your old employer and have money coming in you are halfway to recovery and it’s time to consider your options. You need to be honest regarding what you would like to do next, even if that is a completely different type of job or if you want to set up your own business.

Take some time to reflect on what you would really like to do and then see how you can pursue that dream. Your unfair dismissal could become the catalyst and allow you to follow and fulfil that dream.

Don’t Forget To Talk

While recovery is possible and you’ll bounce back much faster than you think. It is worth noting that this is a stressful experience and you should chat to family, friends, and even a specialist if necessary. This will ensure your feelings are not kept bottled up, allowing you to move on healthily and start a new chapter of your life.


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