How to Win in Online Slot Machines

The online slot machine, also known as pokies or online slots, is arguably one of the most popular games found in online casinos. The popularity of pokies is mainly brought by its gameplay mechanics, as it can be considered an easier game to play compared to the ones available in casinos, such as poker, blackjack, and others. While it is relatively simpler to play, there are big prizes to be won in online slots, and some of the biggest prizes ever won in online casinos are from the said type of casino games.

If you are a beginner in the world of online casinos, you will find it difficult at first to win in casino games, even in a simple game like online slots. However, by knowing and learning about some tips and tricks, you will be able to win the best pokies in no time. So, without more delays, here are the tips on how to win in online slot machines.

Choose the Slot Machines with the Biggest Payouts

common slot machine symbols

In order to win big prizes, you will need to choose pokies or slot machines with the biggest payouts. The term “payout” is used to describe the prize that you will win in slot machines if you have managed to match up specific symbols on the reels, and those symbols would have different payouts. The rare a symbol is to match up, the bigger its payout will be. However, what you will need to find is a slot game that has a big payout even for the less valuable symbols.

Even though it is hard to find big payout slot machines in land-based casinos, that is not the case for casino websites, as they are generous enough to release slot machines that have huge payouts. You can find these slot machines with big payouts by reading reviews about them on review websites, forums, and social media apps.

Find the Paylines of the Online Slot Game

In addition to payouts, you should also find online slot games that have multiple paylines. The payline is the line within the game that you will need to match symbols on to win prices. In the earliest slot machines, the paylines are horizontal and can be found at the top, middle, and bottom of the reels. But, in modern slot machines, the paylines can now be different shapes and patterns, so they can be slanted, in a zig-zag, and more. There are dozens of online slot games that have multiple paylines, so make sure that you are playing those games to increase your chances of winning prizes.

So, it could be said that the more paylines there are in a slot game, the more chances you can get a payout since you can just randomly match up symbols in a hidden payline without you even realizing that you won.

Be Knowledgeable about Variance

Another term that you should take note of is “variance,” which determines how high your opportunity to win is on the online slot game. If it has low variance, you will be able to win more spins, but if it has high variance, there is a smaller chance to win. A lot of online slot games don’t list their variance, so you may need to consult the internet to know the variance of popular slot games.

You can read reviews about different online slot games to know their variance, as well as the different pros and cons of the games. Through reviews, you will be able to see if the games are worth trying. So, visit a reliable casino review website before you play a new or popular slot game in your preferred online casino.

Check Out Newly Release Slot Machines

row of slot machines

Online casinos would often release new slot machines, and to entice their players to try out those new games, they would give out bonuses or free spins so that it is technically free to play the games during the first spins. So, if you want to play more while spending less, which may give you the chance to win more, you should try out the new online slot games on your preferred casino website.

Besides free spins, the newly released slot machines would usually have bigger payouts, which is also another strategy by the online casinos to encourage players to check the games out. In these situations, the first tip mentioned above will apply conveniently, so play these games while the online casino hasn’t adjusted their payout percentages yet.

Find Bonuses

Free spins aren’t just given on new slot machines, as you can also collect them on the online casino by accomplishing various tasks on the website. Most players would typically receive their first batch of free spins after creating an account on the online casino, although free spins are different from welcome bonuses (the type of bonus given to new players as well). The difference between the welcome bonus and the free spin is that the latter can only be used in slot machines while the former is universal, as it gives you extra money on your account’s wallet.

So, aside from collecting free spins, you should also take the time to collect other types of bonuses so that you can get more money in your digital wallet even if you don’t deposit a lot. The common types of online bonuses you can get on casino websites include deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and cashback bonuses. These bonuses can be redeemed and collected by depositing money, joining the casino’s VIP program, or by simply getting it on a special page on the website. Collect as many as you can to win more while spending less.

And these are the most valuable tips that we can give you in order to win more in online slot machines. Keep in mind that all online slot games have RNG (random number generator), which means that you may need to have luck on your side to actually win big prizes on the game, and there may be instances where you will have a losing streak. However, the tricks we have provided above will give you more chances to win. So, make use of the tips we provided above wisely to make every spin worth it.