How Well Do Solar Panels Work in The Winter?


People might imagine that solar panels only work on bright sunny days, where the higher the sun in the sky, the better. While a sunny and hot day might yield adequate solar energy, solar panels can also function in cold breezing weather. Solar panels can still function even if there are sudden weather changes. You should find a reputable brand if you want to install solar panels in the winter. Any trusted solar company in Alberta provide durable solar panels that can operate in a cold climate. Despite this, some home and property owners may wonder how well solar panels can work in the winter and if they are an investment worth purchasing if you live in a colder climate.

Effectiveness of Solar Panels in The Winter Season

Solar panels still work even in below-freezing weather. These panels capture the sun’s rays and not the heat. As long as sunlight is hitting a solar panel, it will generate electricity. They can operate well even in sub-freezing temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, cold weather is beneficial for solar panels. Solar panels are just like any other electronic device such as radios, computers, remotes, and household appliances. These electronics function more effectively and efficiently during cold weather.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels in The Winter

The winter season is one of the best times of the year for solar panel installation. There are many reputable solar companies Alberta and they’d be willing to install solar panels for you. Below are some of the benefits why you want to install these energy-saving devices for your home:

  • Demand for solar panels is low, thus prices are significantly cheaper
  • Less money is needed for installation. Winter is considered a slow season
  • Installing solar panels in the winter season will be beneficial for you as the summer season approaches. Your house will be ready to thrive in the summer heat; lowering electricity bills with the help of solar energy.
  • Give back to the environment by choosing renewable energy during the winter season

Will Snowfall Have an Impact On My Solar Panel’s Energy Performance?

Snowfall can have an impact on the total level of energy production of your solar panels. Snowfall doesn’t dictate the effectiveness of solar panels but how the snow accumulates on top of the panels. When there are huge amounts of snow on top, it will be detrimental to the solar panel’s performance. Solar panels can still function even if there is light snow on top as the sun’s UV rays can still penetrate through it. The solar panel’s dark and reflective glass can melt snow and enables the device to function even in a cold climate.

Solar panels can still be effective under heavy snowfall but expect a drastic reduction in performance. Solar panels are angled to about 30 to 45 degrees so that snow can slide off the panels and also capture more of the sun’s UV rays. These devices often come with large frames around the panel to protect the edges of the laminate section housing the cells. If you live in an area where snowfall is inevitable, it is recommended that you install high-quality solar panels without frames. Affordable but high-quality panels are available from different stores, depending on the solar company in Alberta.

There are instances when snow can have a beneficial effect on solar energy production. When the day is cold and clear, snow from the ground reflects UV rays onto your solar panels, functioning like a mirror. This is called the “Albedo effect,” where surfaces on the ground (snow) can reflect sunlight.

How Do You Prevent Snow From Accumulating on Your Solar Panels?

Keeping off snow from your panels isn’t easy. We will show you how to prevent and keep off snow from your solar panels.

  • Wait for the snow to slide off on your panels. There is a risk of scratching and damaging the solar arrays when you try to remove snow.
  • For heavy snowfall, it is advised to hire professional solar snow removers to avoid any mishaps
  • Use a soft rubber roof rake. Using a metal rake will scratch and damage the panels.
  • Use hot air to melt snow. You can attach a PVC pipe or air hose to a leaf blower to blow off the snow.
  • Another easy method is by using a garden hose. You can wash the snow down with a garden hose and melt the snow faster. It is not advised to do this when the weather is below freezing as the water from the house may turn into ice.




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