In Your Element: The Best Mage Spec in WoW Classic


So you’ve chosen to be a mage in World of Warcraft Classic. It’s a good class to start with, but it can be pretty tricky if you’re a bit new to the game. But don’t worry–we’re here to help you out! Here’s a simple guide on the best mage spec for WoW Classic PVE.

More Than One

Before we go to that specific mage spec many consider to be the best, let’s first break down all three specializations as well as their pros as cons, be it for leveling up, PVP, and farming WoW classic gold.

The first one is Arcane, whose focus is on dealing huge amounts of damage rather than the elemental approach. Because of its high damage output, it used to be the spec of choice for raiding—until Ahn’Qiraj.

Then there is the Fire Mage, or to be more specific, combustion builds. Fire also deals huge amounts of damage, and is the element of choice for later endgame raids. Although its ability to deal damage can be a literal slow burn, it deals more damage than Frost Mage specs. However, the drawback to this is that they also burn more mana in the process. Pick your poison.

Last but definitely not least is the Frost Mage build. It doesn’t deal as much damage as the two previous specs. But what it lacks in that department, it more than makes up for in terms of utility. Slowing down enemies, freezing them, and even impeding their movement, are just a few notable traits. And they can be a huge help in raids and PVP, especially the latter.

Just Chilling Out

So, what is the best mage spec? Well, the answer really depends on what point you are in your progression.

When you’re still reaching for the cap, the Frost Mage is the best. In fact, some would even argue that the only way to level up in WoW is to be a Frost Mage. While this statement is hyperbolic, it cannot be denied that due to the huge utility advantage Frost Mage offers, the impracticality of the other builds as a means to level up can feel like somewhat of an impossibility.

Aside from the utility offered, Frost Mages also have AoE spells such as Blizzard, Arcane Explosion, Frost Nova, and Cone of Cold. This way, you can kill multiple mobs at a time instead of just one, which means more EXP within a single instance.

In phase 3, Frost Mages are still considered as the best, as there are lots of bosses that have immunity to fire. In addition to that, they have the spell Elemental Precision, which sharply boosts hit–this means you get to have more gear for boosting damage!

Heating Things Up

For an even more specific Frost Mage build, there is the Arcane Power Frost 31/0/20 build. This greatly increases the damage dealt by Frostbolt, which is the spec’s bread and butter spell. The build is also very mana-efficient, giving you more space for gear that is oriented to dealing damage.

Also, given their huge knack for utility, Frost Mages, especially those that are so far deep on the frost tree, are good choices when participating in PVP parties. Because of their spells that impede enemy movement, which in turn allow them to deal damage from afar, they can level up or take down other players safely.

Once you’ve unlocked Blacking Lair, however, Fire Mages will be the best mage spec, thanks to better gear, which grants higher Critical Strike and improved mana management, being available.

There is more than one way to build a mage in WoW Classic. However, the meta is an undeniable reality. Whether you will follow or not is up to you, but it’s definitely better if you do. And don’t worry about no longer being unique–there’s always wriggle room for creativity in your build!

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