Innovations in cast iron cleaners


Innovations in cast iron cleaning have cropped up since Lodge launched its first cast-iron skillet. Although the well-known brand has its own line of cleaning tools, new tools in the marketplace are also devoted to cast iron cleaning and seasoning. Here we discuss innovations in cast-iron cleaners.

Ringer Stainless-Steel Cast-Iron Cleaner

You may have heard of the chain mail scrubber for its ability to clean and season cast iron cookware. This tool is sought-after for its ability to multitask and serve two functions at once. The ability to clean and perfect gourmet cast iron cookware are functions that make the chain mail scrubber stand out against alternative cleaning tools. Since the development of chain mail scrubbers, other cast-iron cleaners have attempted to take its place as the number one cleaner and seasoning agent. One of these includes the Stainless-Steel Cast-Iron Cleaner composed of stainless-steel chainmail rings that allow for the same heavy-duty scrubbing as traditional chainmail scrubbers but with scratch-free properties. In addition to cast-iron cookware, the stainless-steel cast-iron cleaner can clean glassware, baking sheets, griddles, pizza stones, and so much more. Check out the $22 Ringer stainless steel cast iron cleaner on Amazon and see what we’re talking about.

OXO Cast Iron Brush 

In the attempt to outrun the bristle brush sold by Lodge, Crate and Barrel have come up with a specialty brush to clean cast-iron cookware. The $9.99 specialty brush is designed to handle nitty-gritty corners and hard-to-reach angles when food is stuck on rigid edges. The brush’s handle is also much longer than the Lodge alternative giving you a better grip and more leverage to get into even the toughest of corners. 

Cucina Cast Iron Soap Set: a cast iron cleaner

While Lodge founders themselves recommend washing cast-iron skillets with water and a minimal amount of soap, other manufacturers argue that the need for cast iron soap and scrubs are needed to restore and season the surface effectively. Livana Natural has a set of three cleaners, including a cast-iron oil, cast-iron soap, and cast-iron scrub that were created as a collective way to season and clean your cast-iron cookware. You can buy the cast iron cleaner set for $34.99 on their website.

Soft Mesh Cleaning Grill Scrubber

While Lodge experts recommend using a cloth or paper towel to dry skillets completely, others have suggested that a special towel is needed to dry the pan’s surface without interrupting seasoning. To address these concerns, the Soft Mesh Cleaning Grill Scrubber allows for gentle drying with welded rings to avoid scratching. You can purchase this mesh for $74.95 on Wayfair’s website and season while you clean. 

People of today have reclaimed an age-old interest in old-fashioned homestyle cooking. The intrigue may be generations old but the innovations to maintain these old designs are certainly new. This list of modern tools covers some of the elemental innovations in cast-iron cleaners, and we recommend that you purchase them all to benefit your cast iron cooking and cleaning.

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