Is Buying Luxury Designer Bags Worth the Price?


Bags are considered one of the essential accessories for modern women. Primarily, bags are fashionable compartments of women’s other essential items, a makeup kit, glasses, mobile phones, phone charger, wallet and keys making the top list of these items. Different women have different preferences when it comes to bags. Some prefer a simple yet fashionable designer handbags, while others prefer luxury designer bags. For the latter, these bags are not just accessories, they can also be considered as status symbols, but are luxury bags worth the price?

You Become the Bag’s Endorser

It is every woman’s private dream to be an endorser of a luxury designer bag brand. Having a luxury designer bag, especially from the “holy trinity” of bags – Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermes – fulfills that dream. They don’t necessarily have to be commercial models to advertise the brand, but being the it girl among their circle of friends or the envy of their co-workers (in a good way, of course) is already an endorsement of the bag’s luxurious brand. Being able to own one of luxury designer bags featured in fashion magazines is a great confidence booster for women, and it somehow helps them carry themselves better around people. Even though luxury designer bags are pricey, it is actually the private endorsers – the women who buy luxury brands – that promote the sales growth of these bags. Thus, in a way, women can also take pride in considering themselves as part of the luxury brand’s marketing strategy.

A Luxury Designers Bag Can Be an Investment

In the world of fashion, a bag’s value, especially luxury brand ones, remains or increases and never goes out of style. One example is the Hermes Birkin bag. This luxury bag has an air of rarity to it and is the most sought-after luxury handbag to date. Because Hermes bags, particularly Birkin, are produced in limited quantities, they have gained a reputation of being a rare and exclusive item and thus contributing to their high market price and resale value. Getting a hold of this bag takes effort, persuasion, a good relationship with your Hermes salesperson and huge amount of luck, as Hermes bags don’t have a waiting list. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, and the Kardashian-Jenner family have also contributed to its growing popularity and sale value. Another luxury bag that makes a good investment is the Chanel flap bag. If you were able to buy the classic flap bag by Chanel a couple of years ago, you’ll be surprised at how much it costs now in retail outlets. For example, a $1600 Chanel bag from ten years ago will sell for $4000 to $4900 depending on the leather and hardware or additional accessories. That’s more than double of the original sale price. Louis Vuitton has the Neverfull bag as one of its most successful bags. It is a very versatile bag, which can be made from many different materials, it also has limited edition bags and has bags made from special artist collaborations. This tote bag remains popular despite the general decline of tote bag demand from other bag brands. It retains at least 85% of its resale value, and the value could go double or higher, especially if the type Neverfull bag is a rare limited edition one.

Luxury Designer Bags are Supporting Eco-Friendly Advocacies

One thing luxury designer bag buyers can be proud of is that their beloved brands are supporting eco-friendly and sustainable development advocacies by gradually phasing out bags that are made from animal skins. Chanel is a prime example of this bold move, wherein it has adapted the vegan leather bags instead of its animal skin bags. While their products may not be available for distribution worldwide as of now, it would still be good to know that your designer bag purchase will be supporting a good cause. One thing you need to consider is that there are actually a lot of other brands out there that supports this cause. According to the people behind Gunas, a reputable company from New York, owning Vegan Handbags is a statement on its own. You get to show off that you can still be fashionable without indirectly supporting animal abuse.

If you are the ethical type of buyer who wants to buy luxury designer vegan handbags, there are many alternative creations and brands you choose for the meantime while waiting for the luxury brands to hit the shelves. Among the prime vegan designer handbags you can choose from are Stella McCartney bags, Poppy Lissman bags, Matt & Nat, Lee Coren bags and many others. If you’re worried about quality, vegan bags look as good, are more affordable and are as durable as animal skin leather. Not only are you helping spread the awareness of humane treatment of animals and eventually eliminating animal-skin products by buying vegan bags, you are also helping the environment by using recycled materials or sustainable plant-based alternatives to animal skin leather.

While price can be a major consideration when it comes to buying bags, some women still go for luxury designer bags for a variety of reasons. When it comes to the question of them being worth the price, the answer can be pretty subjective, as it would depend on every woman’s definition of being worth it. Nevertheless, luxury designer bags bring with them an aura of class and sophistication, which every modern woman needs to look and feel great both inside and outside.

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