Is the trend of woolen coats making its way back to mainstream fashion?


Appearances are the new realities so fashion trends can never be the same forever, they keep on changing now and then because everyone wants to look good and not to be called outdated. You can see the evolution of the trends over time.

Fashion trends change every season like you wear light and cute clothes in summer with fresh hues but when the temperature starts to decrease and winter arrives, fashion gets hidden under layers and layers of clothes to get protection from the cold. Winter fashion includes sweaters, blazers, jackets, and coats. We try to cover up ourselves in every possible way and look for stuff that keeps us as warm as possible.

In keeping warmth, wool is the best option because it retains heat in the body and protects from the harsh atmosphere. Wool coats were trendy in previous years but were overlooked by jackets, blazers, and sweaters for some time but now they are again making its way back into the fashion industry so visit Viktoria and Woods for woolen coats and enhance your winter wardrobe with different styles of coats that are available and here’s a guide to the trendy styles of coats:

Wool trench coat

This is what we call an overcoat and it is the most popular option for both men and women in winter as it covers three-quarters of your body’s length to keep most of your body warm. In addition to keeping warm, they look incredible and give a formal and classy look from day and night. It has a belt to keep it fastened and enhances its look.

Duffle coat

When going out to some casual event or grocery shopping, it’s chilling cold outside. You can choose to wear a duffle coat because it is made of thick wool. It has horn toggles in front of it instead of buttons or belts. There are two side pockets. They are knee-length, usually shorter than a trench coat, and have a buttonable neck strap that saves you from layering a scarf or a muffler to prevent the cold from entering your body.

Double-breasted coat

Its front is wide and has overlapping flaps on its breast. There are symmetrical columns of buttons on both sides of the coats. This double-breasted design helps in provided extra warmth due to an additional layer that keeps your chest protected from the frostiness of the environment. One column of a button is used to fasten the coat from the upside and the other can be used to fasten from the inside of it is just for decorative purposes. They can be used as formal wear.

A funnel neck coat

A funnel neck coat is a long coat, like a trench coat but its standup collar covers the whole neck and keeps it warm. It can be worn formally or casually. It is fastened with a belt that gives a perfect fit to the wearer and fights against cold.

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