Leaf Mulcher Maintenance Tips

Gardening is a joy a lot of the time, but there are some jobs that remain a chore. Keeping a garden tidy and neat is something we all like to do. It makes it far more enjoyable to get out in the garden if the flowers are blooming and weeds are kept at bay.

If you have a vegetable garden you need to keep those beds clear of weeds too, and thats something that should be done regularly to make it a less time-consuming exercise.

Its fair to say that gardening is more popular than ever thanks to it being therapeutic not only is getting out in the garden good regular exercise, it is also excellent for ones mental health and many newcomers to gardening are finding out what its all about.

There is one problem that affects many gardens, and especially those that have trees in or around them: fallen leaves. Essentially leaves do little harm, as they will eventually blow away or rot. But if you have a garden where they gather or a pond or pool that they can fall into then they can cause a problem.

Whats the answer? You could as many people do sweep them up and have a fire, but if you have close neighbours make sure its not a day when they hang their laundry out to dry! Or you could use a leaf blower and get them to a point where you can collect them up and bag them for disposal. We think both of these are wasteful, so were going to suggest you buy a leaf mulcher!

Using and Maintaining A Leaf Mulcher

What is a leaf mulcher, and why do you need one? It is a relatively simple machine that, using an electric or gas motor, shreds leaves as you put them in, leaving you with usable mulch to add your compost and use on your garden.

Its a great way of using the leaves that fall in your garden rather than disposing of them, and if you want to look at some individual leaf mulchers there is a good review of some models here at traditionalgardening.com where you will also find plenty more helpful gardening information.

What about maintenance? As with many modern power tools, you have a choice of electric or gas-powered mulching machines. The electric models are by far the most popular as they are easier to use, while the larger gas machines are mainly used by commercial gardeners. Maintenance for each should not take up much time, so lets run through some points that you need to consider for both types.

Gas Powered Mulcher Maintenance Tips

  • Always use fresh fuel and empty the tank when storing the mulcher after the season.
  • Switch off and isolate the machine, then make sure you clean any debris away after every use.
  • As with any gas-powered item, have the mulcher serviced once a year for smooth running.
  • Make sure you use the right fuel and oil mixture if it is a two-stroke engine.
  • Keep the mulcher clean for ease of use.

Electric Powered Mulcher Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the blades and inner areas after every use, having disconnected from the mains first.
  • Keep the battery fully charged and disconnect when not in use for long periods.
  • Check that everything is tight and fitted as it should be when you have been using it, as vibrations may cause loose screws.
  • Clean the machine thoroughly before putting away out of season.

As you can see, maintenance of a mulcher is not a major job, but is something that is routine, and you will come to do as a matter of course. Always wear the appropriate safety gear when using this type of machinery and keep children and pets out of the way.

Mulching is a Must

Where sure you now see why a mulcher makes a sensible buy, and if you want some advice on other essential gardening jobs that link takes you to excellent advice from the UKs Royal Horticultural Society. Check out leaf mulchers now and youll see they are far from expensive and make that one job that is less arduous from now on.