Tips For Starting Kitchen Renovations


When it comes time for you to begin your home renovations, the first step can actually feel like the most difficult. In many situations, there is an overwhelming feeling that you don’t have enough preparation, or you are missing several key details. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just slough off the project and call it a day.

Instead, this feeling should serve as an indication that you need some help, and perhaps a little more preparation. You should ask yourself questions about what you hope to accomplish with your kitchen renovation project. Consider the following questions as an example:

  • Do you have a renovation contractor ready to begin the work?

  • Do you know what areas of your kitchen you are planning to renovate? (countertops, floors, etc.)

  • Do you have a proper budget set out for the project?

  • Do you have a plan of action?

  • What are you going to do while the renovations are underway?

Below, we will look at each of these questions in more detail. Hopefully, you can learn some helpful information and prepare yourself for this tough but rewarding project.

The Renovation Contractor

The renovation company that you choose to do the work will be a significant deciding factor in the final quality of your renovation project. We have all heard the horror stories of the single person who comes in and quotes the lowest price but ends up taking several months to actually complete the work. Similarly, but perhaps less common, is the big company that offers you boilerplate options, rushes to complete the job, and charges you extra for every small change to the project.

However, you can avoid many of these pitfalls by taking a deep breath and assessing each contractor on their merits. Avoid small, single-person operations. Ensure your contractor has a legitimate business with liability insurance. And, review photos of their previous work. This last step serves the dual function of ensuring they take pride in their work and giving you confidence in their abilities.  To start exploring your options, you can check Venaso‘s portfolio and see all their services and previous work.

The Type of Renovations

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The type, or extent, of your renovations are a crucial consideration. Obviously, the budget for a complete overhaul will far exceed the cost of a simple countertop replacement or the installation of an island. Additionally, take the time to review what you already enjoy in your kitchen. If there is nothing wrong with a particular feature or appliance, don’t worry about it.

In fact, you can take this a step further. If you are considering kitchen renovations, ask yourself why. If the reason is very specific, like the hideous backsplash tile, act on it. However, if you just feel lacklustre or in need of change, consider a different approach. Perhaps, a new set of curtains is all you need to feel reinvigorated.

The Budget

Ah, the budget. Typically the biggest pain and the main reason people reduce their dreams into manageable expectations. Your budget needs to be complete, orderly, and exhaustive. Indeed, this feels like a lot of work, and it is. However, you must consider the reality of all construction projects ever.

Hidden costs. Yes, we did just mention how your budget must be exhaustive. This recommendation isn’t for nothing. It is just the reality of life. For everything you plan, and everything you consider, there will still be areas that you neglect. Or, plans that clash with one another as the work begins. Or, a shortage of your chosen material. Or any number of other problems or consequences that you simply cannot foresee. Therefore, you should plan your budget down to the letter.

The Plan

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The plan of action is one of the most integral parts of your kitchen renovation. Ultimately, this guide should serve as a way for you to flesh out the structure of your plan, and then you can add detail as you move along. For instance, learning about the basics of the budget is great, but when it comes down to choosing the perfect faucet, you may need a more nuanced approach.

The Reality

Now, the reality of a renovation situation is something most people will overlook to some extent. For instance, they may have plans to maintain their diet or eating habits during the renovation but have failed to consider how many dishes require warming or heating with their oven. Alternatively, they may plan to vacation during the time of improvements. But, they fail to account for their pets or the access into their home for the contractors.

Ultimately, you cannot plan for every small detail of leaving your home unattended, or just being without a central room like the kitchen. However, when you are early on in the planning phase of the project, take some extra time to be present during your daily activities. This added insight will allow you to see the daily necessities of your life far in advance of the disruption, and give you ample opportunity to prepare workarounds. Happy renovating, and remember, enjoy the experience as much as possible!

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