Let’s See the Papa John’s Numbers


Papa John’s has made some exciting new changes in recent years, and the results are incredible. Papa Johns stock has gone up since Robert “Rob” Lynch took the place of John Schnatter as the new CEO of Papa John’s in 2019.

When Lynch became the new Papa Johns CEO, he made some big changes to the company’s structure and values. While the old CEO was embroiled in controversy due to racist comments he reportedly made, Lynch decided to take the company in a more positive and inclusive direction.

What Changes Are To Come With Rob Lynch and Papa John’s

Papa Johns new CEO has a lot of experience successfully marketing large food chains. As the former CEO of Arby’s, Lynch decided to take his vast experience and use it to revive sales for Papa John’s. Here are some of the changes that the pizza behemoth has made, as well as changes that are still to come.

  • Papa John’s rebranded to remove the apostrophe in its name
  • The company released a new and improved logo with a more modern appearance
  • Papa John’s restaurants received design makeovers

These changes are meant to distance the pizza chain from its previous CEO. They are also intended to provide a more refreshing and modern look for the brand. An updated color palette draws attention to the pizza’s commitment to fresh ingredients, such as ripe red tomatoes, fresh green basil and the company’s signature white pizza dough.

Customers are also likely to notice the restaurant chain’s new open-design floor plans and improved layout to make it easier for customers to take orders out.

New Leadership Wants to Make Big Changes

Lynch plans to make a lot of big changes for Papa John’s moving forward. Customers will likely see some of these changes roll out slowly. Branding and store updates may take a while to reach all Papa John’s shops. But rest assured, changes are coming.

Some of the changes involve additions to menu items or tweaks to existing menu items. Customers can now order a brand-new New York-style pizza crust option. This pizza option features 16 inches of oversized foldable pizza slices. This gives the customer an authentic NYC pizza experience. Papa John’s New York-style pizzas come with single toppings and the dough is guaranteed to be made fresh instead of previously frozen.

There is also a new extra-large pizza option called the Shaq-A-Roni (in honor of the partnership between Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal). This pizza features an extra smothering of cheese and pepperoni that extends all the way to the edge of each oversized slice. O’Neal’s addition to the Papa John’s team is an accurate reflection of the friendly and approachable personality the new and improved pizza chain is developing. Everybody loves Shaq, and everybody loves Papa John’s pizza!

In a recent interview, Lynch explained that the pizza chain recently experienced a 7% boost in same-store sales. He also explained that the reason people keep coming back to Papa John’s is because of product innovation such as the type the company has experienced over the past few years under its new leadership. These positive changes have resulted in a loyalty program that now includes more than 22 million members. Change has certainly been good for Papa John’s.

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