Longing to Live in Paradise? Buy a Home in Portugal


Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A relatively small European country, Portugal is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south and Spain on the north and east. All 35,603 square miles of Portugal offers natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and year-round temperate climates. Average summer temperatures range between 80-90 degrees, and winter temperatures tend to hover in the 50s, seldom reaching freezing. Best of all, Portugal offers many outstanding opportunities for Americans and others to purchase homes.

Types of Homes Available

No matter what type of dream home you seek, there are homes for sale in Portugal to fulfill that dream. For instance, along Portugal’s Alentejo Coast, you can find all of the following for sale:
  • Beach houses
  • Sea view villas
  • Country estates
  • Village homes
You can even find plots of undeveloped land on which to construct your built-to-order dream home.
Another advantage of living on the Alentejo Coast is the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina, which translates to English as the Southwestern Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park. This protected 75-mile stretch of coastal land offers you many opportunities for adventures, including these:
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Viewing breathtaking steep coastal landscapes full of rugged rocks, sand-stratified cliff faces, lush greenery, etc.
  •  ”Meeting” a wide variety of wildlife, such as white storks and fishing eagles

Reasons to Buy

If beautiful countrysides and pleasant temperatures aren’t enough to whet your appetite for buying a home in Portugal, here are some more reasons to think about:
  • Portugal gives you room to breathe, averaging only 113 people per square mile except in major metropolitan areas such as Lisbon.
  • Portugal enjoys a laid-back lifestyle.
  • Portugal has some of the lowest taxes in the developed world.
  • Portugal has a low cost of living.
  • Portugal has relatively low property prices.
  • Portugal is easy to get to by air, land, or sea.
  • Portugal is friendly to ex-patriots.
Even if you don’t wish to live in Portugal full-time, your home can work as a part-time revenue source. You can rent it to tourists when you’re not living in it. Tourism is big business in Portugal, and many homeowners make a surprisingly good second income from their homes this way, especially when the homes are located near a beach, a golf course, etc.
In addition, while you can still buy a Portuguese home for a reasonable price, land values and home values both continue to climb. The investment you make now, whether you make it for pleasure or profit, is sure to quickly increase your overall net worth.
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