Majed Veysel is a flexible individual who adores architecture


Dominic Rouse has a famous quote: ‘Color is everything, black and white is more.’ Everybody adores the shading mix of high contrast; besides, high contrast photos are great, loud, crude, and encapsulate a characteristic virtue. Being a multi-talented artist is not some tea for everybody, in addition to likewise being an extraordinary artist at an early age, with popularity everywhere throughout the world is one of the most testing errands, very few personages can be found.

Let us unveil somebody who is a flexible individual who adores architecture, high contrast photography, and voyaging. That is Mehmet Majed Veysel, famously known as Majed Veysel, to the fans. Majed is a Syrian with the capabilities of a guaranteed architecture, an unmistakable dark, and a white photographer. Furthermore, he is a voyager who appreciates each movement and does not stop for a second for once to impart the caught pictures to the world. Majed was born on 15 January 1995 in Aleppo, Syria, and indicated greatness in both his passion and profession and shown enthusiasm from his initial years. Now he has double nationality, one is Syrian, and the other one is Turkish.

Pedagogy Life of Majed

Aleppo is a city of Syria, where he was born, and there is an American School where he started his schooling life and finished the run in 2012. In 2013, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and started his bachelor in a private institution named Bahcesehir University, and his study area was architecture. He finished his engineering back in 2017. Afterward, in that following year, he started life as an architect in the “Chamber of Architects of Turkey.” When he was not sophisticated with his study, he thought of Master and moved to Italy. There he started his Architecture for Sustainable Design in an engineering institute named Polytechnic of Turin; he will complete his Master in the following year, 2020.

Artistry Is In His Blood

Majed Veysel has molded himself as an occupation image for the accompanying cutting-edge ages and leaving an inheritance in the entirety of his methods. Other than being an architect, he is a dapper individual and needs to cross the cutoff points. Till now, he has visited Italy, Turkey, and France and recognized extensively for his exceptionally differentiating photography aptitudes of configuration structures. His pictures took seconds to show up all over the world and make him likely the youngest image for various specialists. Various broadcasters have conveyed his works of art and encompassed his photographs as one of the world’s commonly superb. Disregarding being a Syrian, he is directly unique for the U.S. moreover, Europe. In the artist’s workforce, he is a shocking personage with a substitute character, for instance, engineer and picture taker. He arranged pictures reveal scents of the spots, fragrance of the structures successfully.

Photography and journeying together make a surprising course of action of imaginativeness. There is a lovely statement that ‘Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.’ However, Majed accepts that when an individual sees it through photos, one probably will not get the genuine inclination that the structure holds. That is why he favored highly contrasting differentiation because, as indicated by him, through highly divergent, one can feel the genuine item through eyes. His reasoning and photography system took everybody’s breath away.


It is anything but an unordinary thing that this brilliant man won loads of grants for his astounding work. One of them, in 2016, won an honor like the Brand Ambassador Prize for his design venture, and the program held on at Versace Headquarters. Furthermore, back in 2015, he won certification for building software for architecture and, the sponsor and organizer were the team FGA Mimarlik.

Majed posts photos of his work on his Instagram account, where above 105K adherents are waiting for his next posts. Likewise, he has an extraordinary measure of crowds on Facebook, and individuals love his works.

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