Make a Career of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect with Examsnap


Make a Career of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect with ExamsnapBasic Essential Info on Newly Introduced Role-based Microsoft Certification Exams – It is very essential to understand your exam clearly before you start with its preparation. Microsoft constantly evolves its training as well as certifications so that candidates can become more skillful and fit into the roles of those professionals who have the expertise of working on multiple IT platforms, as this is what the present IT industry expects from them! If you plan to work with Microsoft Azure Cloud, your skills to design solutions running on it should be top-notch. For that, you need to become Microsoft certified by passing one or more certification exams.

Now let us talk a bit about the new role-based certification exams. They are really helpful for skill enhancement and the important fact is that there are only two ways to achieve these credentials.

First, you can take the transition exams and upgrade your skills to the relevant ones. Such exams have been designed for candidates who have already passed the retired exam but need to deepen the skills according to the changes accepted. The transition exams by Microsoft are simply those which will help you upgrade your existing knowledge and experience. The second way is to particularly take those exams which are required for the new role-based certifications.

Remember that many of the Microsoft certifications are going to retire soon in June, 2019. Hence, make sure you apply and take the needed exam in time.

Essential Info for Solutions Architect Exam

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architects should possess skills in networking, storage, securing, and computing including deployment of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop and core expertise for Azure Migration Services.  They also should be able to design solutions running on Azure. According to PayScale website, the average annual salary of such experts are about $112,657.

For those who dream of becoming a Solutions Architect it is important to understand that you need to pass either of these two options:

Exam AZ-300 and Exam AZ-301


Transition Exam AZ-302

Remember, that three exams – 70-535 Exam (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam), 70-532 Exam (Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions) and 70-533 Exam (Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions) retired in Dec, 2018. If you haven’t cleared these exams, you can simply opt to take the relevant certification exams, that is, our first option as mentioned above. However, if you have already passed 70-535 Exam (Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions), you can go for the 2nd option, as mentioned above, that is, passing the Transition Exam AZ-302.

The Transition Exam AZ-302 for Solutions Architect

AZ-302 exam or Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification can be taken only by those candidates who have passed the previously existing 70-535 exam. (Remember, having passed 70-534 exam is of no use as there is no way to upgrade this exam). By passing AZ-302 exam, you can achieve your dream of becoming an Azure Solutions Architect. It is highly important to mention that the transition exams are going to retire in June, 2019. So hurry up and schedule your exam soon. Note, that the cost of each exam in the first option is about $165, while the test in the second option will cost you $99.

How Examsnap Helps You Achieve Your Goal of Becoming a Solutions Architect?

Examsnap is a great online portal to prepare for your certification exams in a wonderful and required manner. You get all the essential tips as well as materials that are needed for the preparation of any of the Microsoft Certification exams, including AZ-302 exam. Let us take a quick glance at how this platform can be extremely useful towards the right preparation of your certification exam.

  • It provides real exam dumps – When you are taking the certification exams, you should be very well aware of the significance of real exam dumps. While many of the online learning and study portals do not provide good quality and relevant exam dumps, Examsnap comes as an exception! It provides high-quality real exam dumps for various certification exams, including the Solutions Architect exam, which have been uploaded on the website by real exam takers. The most delightful fact about these files is that you get them free of charge when you get enrolled.
  • It gives you a lot of practice – All of us know that the more we shave practice, the better our result are. How to become more skillful and confident at your exam? Use exam dumps from Examsnap. These files can be opened on the ETE Exam Simulator, that gives you the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. Thus, you get to solve plenty of exam dumps on a regular basis. These practice tests are planned and designed with the most updated information available on the particular exam.
  • It lets you learn through well-planned video tutorials – If you are among those candidates who are able to learn and understand better when being taught through video sessions or tutorials, Examsnap platform provides this option too. Helping you gain a better learning experience, these video tutorials are conducted by experienced people who are real experts in their field!
  • You get top quality preparation materials – The study material available on this platform is of high quality. Referring to the most updated and relevant syllabus topics of various exams, Examsnap offers you Premium bundles. These packages include an exam dumps, a training course and a study guide. Moreover, these exam dumps have been checked by IT experts. So, while other study platforms do not bother about the quality and standard of the study material, this online portal never compromises on the quality of study material and keep on updating it whenever required to do so.
  • It provides prompt feedback- This online certification exam portal is popular among candidates due to one more significant feature. If you are in doubts which exam dump to download, which study material to use, which training course to take, Examsnap users and experts are here for you. Ask your question and get the prompt reply, clarifying your queries or doubts.
  • You get important tips and info on specific Certification Exams – Candidates can also use this platform to get information on significant tips, preparation strategies and other such info related to their certification exam.


While the World Wide Web is dotted with numerous options on online studying and learning portals, Examsnap is indeed one destination that does not only serve all your preparation needs for Azure Solutions Architect exam/s but also ensures that you get the best study material as well as the best learning experience online! Get the most relevant skills with Examsnap and the study materials that it provides.


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