Making Your Room a One of a Kind Space


When it comes to designing your room, whether you have just moved in, or you just want to change it and make it into something different, you surely are going to try and make it as unique and reflective of your own interests and aesthetic as it is possible. Needles to say, this isn’t an easy task, and it needs to cover a lot of research, planning, and sometimes trial and error. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to be fun!

In this article, we are going to unpack this topic and try to explain how you should approach making your room a unique and truly a one of a kind space.

Overall idea

The first thing that you should consider when designing your room is the overall theme that you are going for. Mind you that you don’t need to settle for one exact theme, like, boho, or industrial, and there is always room (pun intended) for a combination of different styles, making it a bit more eclectic.

Don’t stray off from spicing it up! Of course, if you are going for a distinctive theme, that is okay as well, but if you aren’t – it does give you a lot more freedom. On the other hand, freedom can often turn to chaos if you aren’t careful.

On that note, whatever theme you choose, be sure to map it out. Every piece of furniture should have a visual purpose and somewhat interact with the aesthetic of the other objects in the room.

Materials and colors

While the furniture is the bulkiest and probably the most obvious part when it comes to interior design, there are a lot of subtle notes and variables that, if handled properly, can make an even bigger statement and set the tone in the way that furniture by itself just can’t. For instance, it makes a huge difference if the materials that dominate the room are metal or wood. But take into consideration that the balance is the key when it comes to interior design.

So, you should look into incorporating both wood and metal to balance each other out (plus, this combination is very aesthetically pleasing as it incorporates both nature and man-made materials). If you are considering an industrial theme, this is a great option. Similar goes with the concrete and wood combinations.

On the other hand, colors are of the same significance. A great way to enhance both materials and colors is to be careful about lighting selection. Different tones of light color can make a huge difference when it comes to the mood of a room.

Neon lights are a great example since they are very diverse and can offer entirely different ranges of aesthetics, about which you can find out more at in order to be able to apply them to your room. So if you do incorporate some different colored neon lights in your room, after it gets dark outside, your room will entirely transform itself based on the chosen color.


There is a well known saying – Devil is in the details. But, even though this is often related to bad things, it doesn’t have to be! Details are a powerful tool when it comes to interior design. A few plants here and there, the art that you choose to portray in your room, they really make a lot of difference.

They can hint at a more subtle note that you want to express when it comes to your room, or they can be a statement themselves. So, basically, there are two ways that you can use details when you choose details in your room, the first one being to accent the already established aesthetic, and the second one being in contrast to the already established aesthetic.

Both approaches serve their own purpose and neither one of them is wrong or right. But in order for any approach to really work, it’s best that you use a little bit of both of them. So, not every detail needs to contrast the overall aesthetic since then you shift the balance. But also, if every detail follows the established aesthetic, then they fail to serve their purpose when it comes to possible contrast.

room space organized

There will always be current trends regarding the way that we decorate our rooms, which is obviously great and hence the iconic ‘80s and ‘70s and, well, every decade’s interiors. But on the other hand, being unique and choosing to risk it a bit, doing exactly what you like, you are bending the “rules” and making more space for creativity and interpretation. We hope that we have helped you and inspired you to look even further and enjoy making your room, possibly, a one of a kind space.

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