Materials Matter: Choosing the Right Materials for Your Custom Closet


You have just dreamt of a custom closet in your office space and now it’s time to turn it into reality. You have arrived at a stage when you have to select the choicest material for creating the ideal closet. You have looked into various options, but you aren’t sure about it. You want your home office solutions to be individualistic and stylized, furnished with the best finishes and fixtures.

How to select the best materials for your custom closets?

When looking for custom closet ideas for small spaces, experts suggest melamine and natural wood to be the safest option. You can never go wrong with melamine since it is highly durable and customizable. On the flip side, wood gives a timeless appearance particularly if you can choose from a variety of wood shades and colors. Here are some critical factors to bear in mind when selecting the best materials for closets Orlando.


You can create the look of your choice with both wood and melamine. Besides being attractive, melamine is often procured partly from particleboard. This is derived from recycled trees and other kinds of wood. When you opt for a melamine custom closet, you will help bring down the carbon footprint.


Before you invest in home office solutions, you will want to ensure that your custom closet lasts the test of time. Although it is determined by how much you care for and maintain it, selecting a durable material also plays a critical role. The resin sheets used for creating melamine are hardened as well as heat-treated which makes it extremely resilient. Melamine can endure fading, cracking, and heat damage to a certain extent.


You must have a budget for the custom closet and it’s important to understand what you are shelling out money for. This will help you make informed decisions. In general, wood is more expensive compared to melamine. Melamine is not only cost-effective but also gives an appealing look instantly.

What are the benefits of melamine and wood?

The melamine office solutions from the house of Closet Design Orlando will be able to take this furniture a step further. This can be attributed to the way it is produced. From the initial phase, melamine is engineered as one unit crafted from tiny particles of wood. Compared to solid wood, this material is highly resistant to warping.

Moreover, melamine comes with a strong laminate veneer that gives the material a strong resistant layer. Although it doesn’t save the material entirely from scratches or wear and tear, it endows better longevity to melamine.

Wood, on the other hand, is a simple and attractive option that gives a sense of refinement to the home office. It not only brings home beauty and stability but also comes with myriad colors and shades to select from.

Final words

Once you are aware of the various options available to you, selecting the best material for the custom closet won’t be so difficult. Regardless of the options you consider, melamine is the most popular option as the drawbacks can be reduced with ease.

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