Most Expensive Items That People Still Buy


Everywhere you look, there are advertisements and flashy products provoking you and pushing you into spending money on anything and everything. In today’s world, how to make money and what to spend it on are two common questions on everyone’s minds. People’s spending habits are usually hasty and lack proper assessment. We all go on shopping frenzies; paying too much for things we eventually don’t use, but the problem arises when the money runs out. This brings us back to reality, where buyers’ remorse hits and we start economizing and cutting expenses by the bunch. Both extremes of the spending spectrum have their downsides. The trick is knowing which items are worth their cost and investing in them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive items people still buy, be they smart choices or ones they are likely to regret.


Shoe shopping has to be one of the most rewarding experiences for you and one of the most draining experiences for your wallet. We agree that overspending on any item is never wise. That being said, investing in a good pair of shoes could be a very smart decision. Poor quality shoes can apply strain on your feet, causing many feet and back problems. They could restrain you during your activities and leave you with pain and discomfort. Sometimes people opt for less costly choices when it comes to footwear, but whatever money you save, it would be at the expense of your health and comfort. Ease and comfort aside, shoes are the most important accessory to any outfit, and they say a lot about you and your style.


The right pair of underwear and a supportive bra go a long way in making you feel confident and comfortable. When your undergarments are comfortable and breathable, they give you a sense of freedom and ease and protect you from bacteria and yeast infections. Buying undergarments of high quality are definitely a good investment for a number of reasons; they last longer, they give you much needed support, they make you feel pampered and liberated. It should be clear, however, that quality and expensive undergarments are not exactly the same thing. You could find undergarments that cost a small fortune, and they may still be uncomfortable. The point is to buy whatever makes you feel good and to never choose price over quality.


When you hear about expensive items, you automatically think of jewelry. People have been interested in jewelry since the beginning of recorded history, and proud ethnicities have always used it to make a statement or assert identity. Wearing precious metals and stones has always been a sign of status and class, and it still is. Although it is mostly women who wear jewelry, men buy them just as much; whether for themselves or for the women in their lives. There are many reasons to buy jewelry. It could be to express love and affection, to apologize, or to commemorate significant life events. Jewelry is generally a good investment and they make excellent accessories; a pair of beautiful earrings can turn even the dullest of outfits into an eye-turner.

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics and hygiene products have got to be on top of the list of most expensive items that women still buy. The thing about cosmetics is that so many products are used on a daily basis; shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, facial cream, eye cream, mascara, lipstick, deodorant, chapstick, blush, foundation, primer, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner, makeup remover, nail polish… the list could go on forever. Although they constitute a huge portion of the money spent, we still believe that it is very important to buy trusted, high-quality products when it comes to hygiene and make-up. Poorer quality could have devastating results and can seriously harm you. So, if you are into wearing make-up, save yourself a painful and potentially dangerous experience, and only use trusted brands that maintain your health and well-being.

Most Expensive Items That People Still Buy


Whether it’s a new smartphone, smart TV, Smart Watch, or any other kind of smart gadget, technology is a major commodity enticing major spendings worldwide. There is no doubt that such products have made our lives much easier and given us the ability to challenge almost every obstacle faced by generations before us. However, the frenzy of always wanting the newest thing could often be misleading. Knowing what features the gadget you plan to buy has, and assessing with reason whether you actually need it or not is what makes a technology purchase either very smart or very wasteful.

Spending habits vary from one person to another and every person has their weakness, which is whatever makes them lose control and spend a paycheck in a matter of minutes, but it all should be in moderation. Investing in good shoes does not mean you have to buy 30 pairs, and only using trusted lipstick brands does not mean you have to purchase them in every color. Finding a balance between your income and your spending is the ideal equation that we have to strive to follow.

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