Need a New Sink? Here is Why Axis™ Sinks Are Your Best Choice.


Axix™ Sinks are a brand new range of modern kitchen and bathroom sinks. The sinks feature a unique design with a stainless steel base and walls that match the counter to create a seamless transition. The sink is a favourite among interior designers, and many homeowners can attest to its unique benefits. Here are some things you should know about Axix™ sinks.

Resistance to Corrosion

Corrosion is a big concern in sink designs. The surface receives a lot of dirty water and household chemicals that can damage the surface. Luckily, Axix™ sinks have a physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating on all the surfaces that offer resistance against corrosion. PVD is a high-tech coating material designed from vapourised metal. It’s used on sinks to form a protective barrier with high wear resistance. Furthermore, the finish is stronger than stainless steel, and it doesn’t require additional coating.


Some sinks have strict cleaning procedures, but Axix™ sinks are extremely simple to clean. Wiping the sink is enough to clear out all the dirt since the coated surfaces are germ resistant. As a result, you can maintain tidiness around your sink with little hustle.

Insulated Coating

The sound of water falling onto the base of the sink can be irritating. However, the insulated coating on the base of  Axix™ sinks provides sound insulation that reduces the noise around the plumbing. Furthermore, the insulation dampens the sound from the waste disposal unit.

Moreover, the coating provides thermal insulation. As a result, warm water retains its heat while in the basin.

Range of Colours

A wide range of colour and design options are available for the sinks. The most basic design is the traditional stainless steel look. It’s a timeless look that matches the design of many kitchen and bathroom places. Other traditional looks include copper, gold, gunmetal, and brass.

Nonetheless, the Axix™ sinks allow users to choose colours that match the benchtop. As a result, the sink and countertop maintain a seamless look.


Axix™ sinks welcome creative styling options. The basin can take a flash design that sits at the same level as the countertop or a recessed edge design. Furthermore, the size of the sink is customised to meet your specifications. As a result, you can have a large sink in the kitchen or a small wash station in the dining area.

You can also style the sinks with different faucets and taps. Since the sink welcomes a wide colour palette, your options are unlimited. The faucets can match or contrast the countertop and sink to achieve a unique look.

The sinks combine the traditional steel design of a basin with a modern finish around the countertop. As a result, you can fit the sink in any space, and it will blend right in.

Cost and Maintenance

The Axix™ sinks have great value for money. They not only look good but also perform well on durability. The sinks are affordable, and maintenance costs are low. Therefore, it’s a great investment if you consider all the benefits accrued.

Although there are many options for kitchen and bathroom sinks, none comes close to Axix™ sinks. They are the finest installations on the market and offer unique benefits. Install one today and see the effect.

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