Newlywed Celebration in Sydney


Janet’s and Milton’s wedding pictures aren’t the standard photographs you’d expect. Both adventurous spirits, the couple decided to travel for their wedding and invite only close friends and relatives for the occasion. When discussing destination options, the couple decided to go to Sydney Australia. Each of them had dreamed of exploring the Australian outback and going diving in the Great Barrier Reef; what better way to celebrate their wedding than to include these adventures?

Janet was worried about how to do the wedding photographs since it wouldn’t be a standard ceremony and celebration. She and Milton agreed that they wanted pictures that captured the atmosphere and culture of Australia as well as the sentiment of the event. Milton began looking at travel photography packages to get the best deal for the occasion. After looking around at different options, they both agreed to book a professional photographer through Localgrapher who could meet them in Sydney to do the wedding photo shoot.

Before the actual wedding celebration, Janet and Milton wanted to take a tour of the interior region of Australia to see some of the wildlife and natural areas. It was a perfect experience and way to spend time together to reflect before the big day. After a few days of rugged outback landscapes, wild kangaroos and koalas, and the beautiful wide-open skies of Australia, the couple headed back to Sydney to meet their family and friends for the wedding.

The celebration was everything they could have hoped for. A private event with friends and family around in a classy and upscale venue in the heart of Sydney. They had both agreed beforehand that they wanted to take most of their pictures at special places in the city of Sydney so that their wedding pictures would also serve to remind them of the time they spent traveling and all the places they visited.


The first place the private photographer suggested was on the beaches. Sydney’s golden sands are a beautiful place, and a great spot to get some excellent wedding pictures. Janet and Milton had already been swimming on some of the beaches, and thought it was a wonderful idea. With the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing across the water, it was a perfect day to get some photographs on the sand.

They also included pictures at the harbor with some of Sydney’s best-known landmarks, like the iconic Sydney Opera House. With the sunset in the background and the city lights coming on, the atmosphere had a perfect romantic charm for their photo shoot. Happy with their trip and the photographs, Janet and Milton decided to spend a few extra days in Sydney to explore a bit more. The photographer in Sydney gave them some suggestions about the best places to visit, such as the Taronga Zoo, to see more native Australian animals, and Hyde Park, named after the famous Hyde Park in London.

“I’m so glad we decided to spend more time together in Sydney after the actual ceremony,” said Janet. “The photographs, the event, everything was wonderful, and then to have some time just the two of us to get to know the city more was great. It really was the adventure of a lifetime, and a perfect way to begin out lifetime together.”

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