Online Casino Gaming: Is There Such Thing as Beginner’s Luck?


Whether you’re new to gambling or not, you’ve probably heard of beginner’s luck plenty of times already. This is said to be a phenomenon that happens when a beginner or a newbie gets favorable results from the activities they do or they get more favorable results compared to how much experts or professionals in a certain field are getting. Most of the time, it is associated with gambling activities.

Some people swear by this and it’s easy to understand why. People who experience this phenomenon would always share their experience and for the ones who do not just don’t talk about it. Is it real? Should you start looking for legal online casinos in the US if you haven’t tried gambling before yet? Well, it’s still up to you. Just know that beginners aren’t lucky all the time.

What Makes a Beginner Lucky?

This type of phenomenon does take place and when it does, there could still be logical reasons why it did. Here are some of them.

Beginners aren’t expected to perform well right away

Beginners are not pressured to make the right bets right away or to use a certain strategy if they are new to a game. With that, they are less concerned about the result of their gameplays. Their decisions aren’t made with much pondering.

Ignorance of Risks

Since newbies still have a lot to learn when it comes to playing a certain game, they are also unaware of the risks that they are to take if they place a particular bet. They don’t think about their next moves too much that they don’t know whether they are already wagering at a high-risk level. If they do win, they then get highly rewarded.

More Open to Try Different Strategies

Newbies are experimental when it comes to the moves and the bets that they make. They are willing to try different strategies and so they have a higher chance of winning than experienced players who stick to one or two strategies.

Is it Only a Belief?

There is still no science behind beginner’s luck. However, there was a Norwegian study that involved over 4,000 gamblers and it was somehow related to this phenomenon because what the experts found is that beginner’s luck can affect the gambling behavior of a person.

What the study found is that 55 percent of gamblers who experienced beginner’s luck are labeled as at-risk and only 21 percent are not-at-risk gamblers. And so, even if this phenomenon isn’t backed by science, it still affects how people would behave.

What this also tells us is that this phenomenon is perceived by people and it can influence us in different ways. There was small research on this that was done in Israel by the zoology department of Tel Aviv University, but it wasn’t on gamblers. The participants are house sparrows instead.

The researchers observed the behavior of these sparrows when they were placed on a plot of land. In this land, there is an area that is filled with food, and the other area only had little food. All these were buried and the sparrows had to try their luck in finding as much food as they can.

This is a great method to use to see how the sparrows would react to low and high-risk rewards. The side of the land with less food comes in the bundle. Meaning there are fewer chances for them to pick the right spot but if they do, they are highly rewarded. The land that was filled with food only had small amounts per dig and so they will “win” a lot but not as highly rewarded as the risky side.

What happened here is that the sparrows started to show preferences. Some of them chose to search the low-risk side because they appear to be rewarded more. A few sparrows remained on the high-risk side because they would rather get food in huge amounts. Whatever side they chose, they stuck with it.

It turns out that seven sparrows who landed on the high-risk side experienced beginner’s luck and they didn’t change their strategies since then. This is something that people are also likely to do and this is mainly why people who experienced this phenomenon are likely to be high-risk chasers or gamblers.


Even if no study can prove that beginner’s luck does exist, it still happens. It just so happens that this is hyped up because people who experience this will most likely talk about it. This then makes beginner’s luck something that appears to always happen. However, there are also many or even more beginners out there who had no luck at all when they started.

We can’t say that casinos would intentionally make their new customers lucky because they are not allowed to do this. However, some people believe that casinos would do this to keep their new customers playing. Overall, this phenomenon is still more of a belief that affects how a person behaves.

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