Oscar De La Renta and his unique style of design


Anyone who loves fashion knows the brand Oscar De La Renta. The man was a legend at creating timeless pieces. Even after his death, his company and brand live on. Most people who buy his clothes want to look elegant. The pieces are always at the height of sophistication. Let’s explore more of what the seasonal looks are offering.

Spring/Summer Season

Summer is fast approaching. People can finally go out without bulky gear. You can view Oscar De La Renta’s entirely new collection here. These stunning pieces are inspirational. For example, the Road Print Fringe Sarong Skirt fresh off the runway is a print midi skirt made with silk satin. The cut makes the lower legs pop and the bright colors and tassels are a fun addition to spring. The High Neck Drape Front Dress is a bright yellow and made from 94% wool. It will help to keep you warm on those chilly spring mornings where the air is still dewy and crisp.

The Brand

On the official site at https://www.oscardelarenta.com, you can see all of the pieces currently available in the collection. There is even fresh new sleepwear. It appears that tassels have made a major mark on designers for the brand. From earrings to dresses, they are virtually integrated into every piece. The One-Shouldered Embroidered Lame Mousseline cocktail dresses are tasseled from head to toe on every inch of the fabric. The bead and chain tassel are intricately designed. These are certainly pieces of high fashion. The base is made of 70% silk and the rest a polyester. The entire gown weighs four pounds in total. This is a heavy dress that one would wear to a special function. It requires dry cleaning afterwards of course.


There are always a plethora of handbags to match all the pieces. The Beaded Satin Alibi Bag is fashioned after a travel trunk. The side tassel adds in some bohemian flair as well. It is of course made of silk to make it extra chic. People should not worry about the quality because the brand has that covered. The bag is made of leather and covered in beaded satin. It is a fresh take on clutches and even has a mirror built in to help with makeup retouches on the go.

There is a lot of offer from Oscar De La Renta. Although the brand borders on high fashion pieces that have little practicality in the modern world, they are still a nice indulgence. Where would people be without the pinnacle of fashion to inspire them in their draping endeavors? To be whisked away to the magical world of Oscar De La Renta is to take a cruise into the most stunning landscape that fashion has to offer.

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