Outdoor Rugs: The New Patio Trend

The excitement of sitting on an outside patio is not new: it actually dates back to Ancient Rome, where it used to play a role as a pleasant outdoor space reserved for meals, relaxation, as well as for other activities of casual life. At that time, it was generally a small courtyard surrounded by four walls, and the objective of the patio was to retain the freshness in the house and to shield the outdoor space from wind. A patio has many functional advantages, and it can add a lot of charm to any space. Originally, it frequently had a basin in its center whose natural evaporation contributed to the cooling effect.

This year, the new must-have in terms of exterior decor is indeed, rugs, and outdoor rugs for that matter! To extend your balcony/terrace or to create a separate room, outdoors or in the garden, an outdoor rug can be the perfect piece to add to the tranquil setting.

This article is all about outdoor rugs, and we will start with their advantages! And you can also buy high-quality area rugs here.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Rugs?

Perfect Embellishment

Perfect Embellishment

An outdoor rug completes your garden or exterior as it’s the final piece to buy, following the table, and chairs. It decorates your exterior and can define the space. For example, you can use it to set up a relaxation area or a ​​dining area! In terms of colors, we like to focus on neutral shades (chocolate, beige, gray…) and we focus on adding some natural and raw materials on the furniture side: wicker, wood, concrete and clay will be your best friends! All for a simple but effective result.

Ideal For Outdoor Relaxation

Ideal For Outdoor Relaxation

Want to create a relaxation area where you can just go out and cocoon? To draw up the space and maintain the warm and cozy vibes, the outdoor rug is your best ally! We also think that outdoor cushions, hammocks or hanging chairs can complete the set and create a real cozy nest which will allow to decompress, unplug or enjoy a good book.

Multiple Decoration Options

Multiple Decoration Options

Unlike simple doormats, outdoor rugs have a distinct advantage. They can offer many ranges of shapes, colors and size. They can adorn terraces, balconies or the edge of swimming pools. Bright, warm tones contrast with a rather dull environment, while soft, natural shades blend into an already existing colorful space. Whether they are all identical or in different colors and patterns, it’s up to you to create a unique little universe of your own! You can also add matching outdoor cushions to create an overall theme.

Great For First Impressions

Great For First Impressions

Choosing an outdoor rug with graphic patterns is a good way to give your exterior a boost. Right on-trend, the area rug guarantees a modern look, with character, for your decor. Colorful, fun or sober, with multiple patterns or in a classic style, there are hundreds of models of outdoor rugs that are available according to your style and taste.

But which one should you choose and which material is best suited for the exterior? Where to place it and how? Let’s find out!

What type of rug is suitable for outdoor use?

Synthetic Fiber Rugs

Materials such as polypropylene or polyamide are weather resistant, especially in terms of keeping it original color. As far as maintenance, it’s simple: just wash them in the washing machine or wash them in soapy water. A polypropylene mat is very strong and perfectly resistant to UV rays and humidity. They also have the advantage of having good resistance to foot traffic and water. In addition, They are easy to clean and they are very affordable in terms of price.

As for PVC, vinyl and/or polyester rugs, they have the advantage of being non-slip. In addition to the qualities mentioned above for other materials, they offer a wide range of color options as well.

Natural Outdoor Rugs

Elegant and authentic, natural fiber rugs are generally less water-resistant than synthetic rugs. Warning, only slabs and mats seagrass or bamboo mats should be used outdoors. They are UV and moisture-resistant and are available in several weaves and natural shades. These rugs require very little maintenance. They should be vacuumed, cleaned with soap and water, and dried in the sun as soon as possible to prevent mold.

Materials made from coconut, sisal or grass should be avoided outdoors because of their poor resistance to humidity.

Where To Shop Outdoor Rugs Online?

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