Parts of Electric Skateboard


Building up an electric skateboard is the best decision you could take. Most people think it’s very challenging. However, it’s pretty easy. Whether you want to replace some parts or starting it from scratch, you can easily do it without carpentry skills.

All you need are a few tools and electric skateboard parts to build your e-board. But you should consider the best quality parts that can give you a smooth ride. You can come up with the electric skateboard under 500 if you are in tight budget. Parts of the boards are need to be selected carefully to have a great experience. 

Well, this post will detail all-electric skateboard parts you can use to build a sturdy skateboard. We have discussed in brief about the parts that you will need to build an electric skateboard.

Parts of Electric Skateboard

1) Onboard Trucks

Onboard trucks are designed in different ways. For this reason, it’s essential to know the size of your deck when choosing an onboard truck. And it would be best if you chose a truck which is lightweight and strong enough to provide a reliable ride. 

An aluminum onboard truck would be a great option that could give you excellent performance on both low and high speed. And of course, you don’t want something that can weigh you down or warp while you are riding.

2) Motors & Mounts

The motor comes in various shapes and sizes. Without taking your time with tons of research, it’s better to look for a motor that designed to mount on all styles of trucks. But you must also check out the distance that the motor will provide between the holes of the actual motor mount. Or you can buy the motor with a different mounting position. 

Moreover, as I mentioned about the material, a motor mount could be made up of aluminum. Besides providing quality, aluminum can keep your motor cool by absorbing heat that may damage your skateboard.

3) Wheels

Skateboard wheels help you determine the speed you can go since they are the only parts that allow you to move with your skateboard. Also, they determine how your board could feel when you’re riding it. Some skateboard wheels are hard, while others are soft. 

Therefore, it’s better to decide where you should ride your skateboard. For instance, the durometer of a skateboard wheel works well for street skating and on parks. On the other hand, soft wheels are best for longboarding. 

In addition, dimensions of wheels matter. The larger the diameter, the faster it goes. Most people use 80mm – 90mm. But smaller wheels may sit you closer to the ground if you’re a transition skater. However, if you’re a beginner, try out something from 52mm – 55mm.

4) Deck & Grip Tape

Grip tape is just similar to sandpaper. This material is applied on top of a deck. Its primary purpose is to help you improve your skills as well as providing safety. So it’s essential to check the brand name of a grip tape when buying one. 

Usually, most people apply black grip tape on top of their decks. It’s more classic, but you can find clear or colored grip tape according to your personal preference. All you need to do is to cut the sheet into an icon of your deck. The recommended deck must be more than a 25mm wheelbase. This can provide more space to fit all the parts needed.

5) Pulleys (wheel pulley, motor pulley) and Drive Belt

Your wheel pulley, motor pulley, driver belt, and motor mount referred to as Drivetrain. These key parts are essential in building an e-board. They deliver power that obtained from the motor to the skateboard wheels using two pulleys. 

When the wheels are more prominent, the speed will be faster and more stable. If you want to build your electric skateboard, you should look for simple install components. 

6) ESCs

The electrical speed controller is the main component that can make your electric skateboard to function. It determines how hard you could push since it regulates the speed of your skateboard motor. Additionally, it controls the acceleration that ascertains the braking system. 

ESCs are not created equal. So you mustn’t rush for cheap products. Poor ESC doesn’t have the power to handle the bigger voltage of the battery. For this reason, your battery could get damaged when tried to hook it on poor ESCs.

7) Battery & Charger

Out of all-electric skateboard parts, batteries are a little bit costly. But then you should pick the quality one. It’s essential to be able to identify the capacity of the battery. Some e-board batteries are fake. You can quickly identify them by not having a label of Watt-hrs. Well, a battery needs a charger too. Therefore, be sure to select the right charger that can provide safety and works perfectly.

8) Enclosers & Rubber Gasket

Enclosures should be deep enough to fit both ESC and battery. Then, to ensure that I can tighten your skateboard, include a rubber gasket to keep the batteries safe

9) Remote Controller

Not everyone likes self-balancing e-boards. The one that has a remote-control function can give you a smooth ride. Therefore, RC is an essential part that could help you to control acceleration and being able to brake. Like any other parts of the electric skateboard, remote controllers come in different designs. Most are designed with trigger control, while others have thumb control. So, you would choose according to your preference and functionality of RC.

10) Gear

Above all, safety comes first. Skateboarding requires safety equipment, including a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. Having these doesn’t predict injury, but you will be assured that you’re safe whenever you ride your skateboard. And you can add up shoes on the list, in this way you should look for the best product that can provide you with proper support.

Final Comments

Even though there are various brands of electricity boards, building your e-board will give you a lot of benefits. You could be able to identify the damage on your skateboard whenever it gets damaged. Above all, if you calculate the cost for parts of an electric skateboard, it’s much affordable, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

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